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I Have No Idea what I'm Doing - Started by Lennon_Knight in For Beginners
Threadpool C++ 11 game engine - Started by karl88 in Game Programming
How to make my game safe when all logic is in client! - Started by laiyierjiangsu in Game Programming
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Newest Articles

How to Make an iMessage Game (and why)

What’s the deal with iMessage games? With iOS 10, developers are now creating games that are directly integrated with iMessage. This seamless, inherently social play style is viral by nature with b...

Is VR Really the Future of Gaming - or Just a Fad?

Is VR all it’s made up to be? And should games developers be investing in it? Packt asked three expert developers – Alan Thorn, Maciej Szczesnik, and John P. Doran, for their thoughts on whether Vi...

How to Implement Scoreboards in Godot with the GameJolt API

In which, I explain how to do some simple things with the GameJolt API.

Making of an Arabic Teaching Game: Antura and The Letters

My experience in helping making an Arabic (Winner of a international contest!) Teaching game: Antura and the Letters.

Bringing World War and Communist Propaganda Back to Life

How the forgotten propaganda of the two World Wars and the Russian Communist revolution inspires the art for my games.

Latency Matters in Online Gaming

Since interactivity and real-time video are cornerstones of the user experience for game streaming platforms, low latency is especially important. To see how successfully this is being achieved, we...

GPU Performance for Game Artists

We rely on artists to produce assets that not only look good but are also efficient to render. For artists, a little knowledge of what goes on under the hood can make a big impact on a game’s frame...
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