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    Thankfully I was able to complete the challenge, and as rough as the game might be and look, I'm glad I finished it. Foremost I want to thank GameDev.net for even having these challenges! Even though I'm a bit of a last minute contender, I really do enjoy pushing myself to finish these projects. I want to give a special thanks to @lawnjelly for being the very reason I even bothered to try out Unity for the first time, and most of all for providing free assets to use which saved me! I wouldn't have been able to complete the entry on time otherwise. Thank you to all those that followed my progress too! I also enjoyed following all your entries as well. Post-Mortem What went right: 1. I would have to say using Unity turned out to be a great choice for this project. I normally will use my own engine, or just code from scratch using a library for challenges. I used this challenge as an opportunity to learn the Unity Engine, and it was very successful. I found it extremely easy to jump in and code my own scripts for the various parts of the game. I had to get used to the editor and how things are handled, but it all worked out in the end. 2. My game plan was very successful. With the limited time I had by planning out everything ahead of time allowed me to push through this project a fast space. 3. Templating everything worked amazing... I was able to stream-line every aspect of this game and because of how I setup the rows I could do min-max for distances, speed, variations in spawns, ect... but I didn't implement these features in the final release even though the capability is already there. 4. @lawnjelly's asset pack helped me complete this project. I normally set out to do everything myself graphic wise, but I ran into pitfalls both in terms of motivation and work related things. I only was able to create three assets, but by using his asset pack I was able to finish up the rest of the areas, and ultimately completed the challenge. 5. Building the full project took less than 15 seconds to complete. I was surprised how fast my builds happened. What went wrong: 1. Motivation would've been the biggest issue I had... No idea... Maybe I just wasn't feeling the project but anytime I had free time the last thing I wanted to do was work on the project. Thankfully since I committed to finishing this project I forced myself to pull through in the end anyhow. 2. Work... October and November turned out to be the most profitable month my company had in 2018, and I was busy working on several cases. This didn't leave me with as much free time, but with my motivation issue this wasn't a good combo! 3. Visual Studio debugger kept crashing my Unity... Not sure why but it was getting extremely annoying when attaching. 4. Unity wouldn't sync properly with Visual Studio on several occasions causing me to reload everything when trying to work in code with my scripts. 5. I wasn't able to create all the graphics and at the quality I wanted.. 6. Environment textures turned out very mediocre due to me rushing and using a sloppy method to generate these as PBR materials from pictures. The water could've been done a lot better and with motion, but again not time... Would've made way better textures from scratch. Project:
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    I've completed the level draft today and I'm currently working on setting it all up in Unity. I'll need to lower some areas for the water parts which is simple enough, but i'll do that later. 1 - Cars 2 - Logs with Boats 3 - More Logs with Boats 4 - Crocodiles in walk able water which you have to avoid while moving through 5 - Turtle Platforms that go under water 6 - Jump Platforms while avoiding flies 7 - Rising Platform 8 - Jumping Platforms while avoiding birds 9 - "Raining Frogs" 10 - Lily Pads For the level propping I just used basic colors so I would know where I need to put textures later. Once everything is playable and working, I'll go back and create grass, road, and both deep and shallow water textures. Then I'll tweak the textures I'm using from @lawnjelly's asset pack as I showed in my last blog post. I'm thankful that I can fill my missing assets with his stuff because at this rate I would most likely not proceed forward on the challenge otherwise. Motivation has been a real issue for me with this game, and I'm sure I'm just not as excited about it as I was with the prior ones. I think I'll be done the level tomorrow, if not Monday. I still need to do the following: - Environment textures - Replace textures from the asset pack with altered versions - Add in lives, game over, and winning parts - Add in Main Menu - Add in Sound I think that is it??? Unless I forgot something, but either way I'll double check later on to be sure with the challenge post. Thanks for reading!
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    So like 4 days before the new forge comes out on Destiny 2 and maybe - finally - possibly the new exotic stuff... The challenge starts so its back to work! It was cool to watch the poll progress and dungeon crawler literally crawled ahead of doom. Puns, yes. I don't know about titles and names of things yet but like Unnamed Dungeon Crawler works for me. Its a challenge not a competition so I don't mind writing about ideas, I think that's the whole point really, to document the process and learn more and win the gold medal and beat everybo... wait no scratch that. Community and friendly stuff instead! I didn't practice Unity as much as I wanted before going back to playing Destiny 2 so I'm going with Game Maker Studio again for this. I feel like it definitely does everything I need. Breaking down mechanics, Main menu and a way to return, Easy, I always do this. Even if its just the escape key to return it technically meets the requirements.. I haven't really done a whole lot of pausing before. I remember I'd starting learning a method in Game Maker when messing with RPG which would simply deactivate everything but this could cause you issues if you have an object that was going to 'draw' something, it would stop drawing it and you'd no longer see it when 'paused'. I think a work around to this was something to do with a screenshot command and then printing the screenshot over the screen then adding pause menu stuff on top of that... Then deactivating yourself when unpaused so everything returns to normal. Simple enough. Player navigating the maze, Simple top down navigation, walls and floor different via code, walls solid, floor below player etc etc... Its pretty straight forward for now --- Until I remember that I forgot something and then come and ask on the forums for how to make a solid wall ๐Ÿ˜‚ One protagonist character controlled by player, I'm really tempted to attempt a character select or custom build your own character BUT that's just extra bonus stuff for laters. Go plenty of time I think. Maneuver the player are moving and stationary obstacles, Stationary could be simple stuff like a table, Don't know if walls count as this.. but they'd have same code as walls to make them solid, I'm not sure if I'd go with making a randomly built map or for the sake of simplicity make a prebuilt level and decide exactly where things go... As for moving obstacles though... Couldn't really control moving obstacles with random levels.. Or could I ? A simple 'patrol' system with wall detection could have an 'object' moving... Would this count if I used the enemies as moving obstacles... Water or Spikes!! Spikes could be fun to setup actually... (This is why I like writing breakdowns like this cuz I get ideas whilst writing that I have no idea :P) Minimum one level, easy but what defines a level? Make a several 'floor' maze, completion of first floor is level 1? We can go further if we want to but at least for prototype just make 1 floor with a win/lose condition and build upon it from there.. Might not even need a lose condition I suppose... but when adding enemies if you're not going to lose.. Hmmm. Yeah need a YOU LOSE! screen lol Must define the end goal, tell them to escape, have instructions explaining on screen when starting the level. I think this is a simple one to achieve, "Your goal is to reach to center of the maze!" technically defines the end goal but I'm thinking maybe a mandatory how to play screen when starting or something like that.. Enemies or antagonists, can give player ability to hack n slash or shoot a spell fireball type thing to hurt enemies actively, can run past and ignore enemies if you want, will set up a tracking radius for enemies, make them 50% slower than player so can escape easy if you don't want to fight, Can make them drop items randomly... But what? Potions? Bombs? Scrolls? (Like ammo but for spell attacks) keys? Torches? Etc Ability to carry is easy, top down shooter gun menu mechanic used, expired like a life/health system, when it's gone it's gone, Additional item representing credit... Gold per kill, Might use 'pixels' for that GDNet Easter egg Items via killing already stated, random chests for loot too, or have secret walls... both for the discovery of items.. I'm looking forward to doing this! I joined like near the end of the Frogger challenge and sort of panic made something just to be involved and realized that I could have made something wayyy better had I took the time to think it through and I made what I made in a couple of days so it was also a good thing to learn that not trying to finish instantly can be helpful ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm interested to see how other people do with this challenge also because I think this sort of game can 'build itself' once you've got the base level done, you just gotta add a little bit more to it and you've basically got an entire game ๐Ÿ˜ฎ so maybe people will go for full blown releases... We've certainly got enough time to go big with our ideas if we ever wanted to :P. Good luck to everyone I hope we all do really well!
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    Hello!! I like blogging and generally assuming people are listening to me... but I also like things to look cool. I wanted a quick and easy way to make Banner Images for my new GameDev.Net Blog... so I created a PSD Template for that. Basically there are two safe frames... One is for Thumbnail and the other is for Banner. Just make sure your final image looks good with both those layers turned on and you are fine!. There is also a hidden layer called "copy". This is just a simple way to save a selection set. Ctrl+Click on it to select the actual area you need to save an upload. Load up PSD Paste in your Art under the BANNER SAFE and THUMBNAIL SAFE layer.... then scale and arrange it to look cool Turn on the THUMBNAIL SAFE layer to see how it looks as a thumbnail. Turn off the THUMBNAIL SAFE layer Hold Ctrl+Click on the COPY layer tp set the correct selection. CTRL+SHIFT+C (copy all) CTRL+N (New Document) CTRL+S (Save) Hope you like it! --A4L Download the PSD from my Google Drive
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    Nah I haven't, I'm just practicing clickbait for future marketing ๐Ÿ˜‚ terrible idea I know. I never know what to put on titles so I just put whatever. However though I'm unhappy because I know Daredevil got cancelled after Season 3... I've not watched Season 3 yet so now I know they're not carrying it on so if they leave me a cliffhanger its going to annoy me knowing i'll never know! But hey. This happens to tv. Can't go on forever I suppose. I wanna start updating the project page and getting to work on 'basic' designy stuff. Like I know I'll never be an ultra cool design person but If I can draw stuff on a piece of paper... Ain't that step 1? Then I can try to work on making friends and slip them the paper and if they wanna be involved they could add their own shazam magic powers to it too and it goes from pen scribbles to "y'all know this guna rock!" but without the step 1, I'd not feel like I've had any input into it so it depends how that goes otherwise I'd be better to just try to get recruited and not have input I guess... Dunno technical stuff! BUT I also don't think anyone might wanna be looking at recruitment stuff this side of Christmas... I was browsing Gamejolt yesterday and looking at some of the popular stuff with hundreds to thousands of follows and like one thing had their last post 3 years ago, and scrolling back they eventually say 4 years ago (No specific dates, maybe if I clicked them they'd show details) but this encourages me quite a bit too like I always feel pressured into 'getting it done NOW' and as much as its possible to 'just' do something, when you want to make something 'amazing' it'll take a while. So with that in mind I've kinda got 2 project plans.. One is my basic practice how to make it and make it better and better project... Second is the, "Here's my ideas, now lets recruit" kinda thing so I'd be able to finish something 'fully' and be happy that I thoroughly understand it and the second would be more to take steps to like team building kind of thing and recruitment and what not... Now it might not work out exactly like that. Maybe i'll make something so awesome and then I'm president of the gamers guild ๐Ÿ˜น I can't really be serious for more than a few minutes. Gotta crack jokes or what's the point?! ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    G'day. So I have been doing a lot of work in the console as I try and learn the basics of C#. I got sick of going all over the place for ASCII symbols to use as "graphics" in my console apps so thought I would simply list them all here In addition, I found this cool "Ascii Font Generator" Ascii Font Generator (link) Finally some other cool links I found useful... http://www.asciiworld.com/ https://www.asciiart.eu/ https://manytools.org/hacker-tools/convert-images-to-ascii-art/ https://asciiart.website/ If you know of any other cool ones.. let me know!
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    Day 2, Sling Bot Racing. Toy Build #2 "NOW WITH 100% MORE FLIPPING!!" Actually so, and not only that, an entirely revamped camera follow routine. It's much more like an actual "follow" camera now, as in it follows you and faces you, but doesn't always point the same direction the player does. You'll see what I mean. It makes it a little more challenging to navigate sometimes, but most of the time the movement is exactly how I want it. I'll be working on refining it more, and maybe adding some other camera angles for a more freestyle play option.. e.g. I don't think this camera would work very well for half-pipe trick competitions, but it will work great for time racing and running "courses" which is the main game-play I'm targeting right now. As a side effect you can now ride "switch foot" on the board, you just turn and switch to reverse thrust. I haven't intentionally tried any flip-twists yet, but I know the controls should work for that as well. Next on the list, well besides the Android Toy build, I will be working on setting up courses and rewards. Working on some custom animations, these are all reused from standard assets, and I discovered the Idle animation was killing about 10FPS, ugh... I guess I should have paid closer attention to what the animations were doing to my frame rates. Probably wouldn't have noticed this in my main project(which uses the same idle animation), for some time yet.. When I get back to that I'll be able to make some direct improvements thanks to this detour. Moving forward with this.. I'm thinking about going classic 90s, using some coins and speed boosts and stars and what have you, something like the good old classic snowboarding games mixed with some Hedgehog type speed-action. I was gonna go a slightly different direction with this one, but programming semi-realistic boarding action seems to be more within my skill-set than I though it would be. So I'm gonna just make a cool robot-rocket-snowboarding game instead. The sling part will still be there, up on the plateau there will be some catapults and various other contraptions that I've not yet imagined, which will sling the player into action following one of the many courses that I'll try to setup before Christmas... haha.. You should find the .zip file attached, Build #2 for your entertainment. Still no barriers, so if you leave the terrain, I guess you lose. Enjoy. *see next blog for latest build. ;)
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    First AI Unit look The county Sheriff The game will have various type of unit that will investigate your behavior and that will populate each level. Depending on your action unit will become harder and in bigger number. The basic unit is the regular cop, followed by the sheriff. Second unit type is the army soldier, followed by their caporal. Third unity type is the Majestic unity, which are governement alien oriented unit. Each of the unit will have their look change based on their location and behavior (ability and feature) affected by their rank. For instance, a soldier may or may not wear a night vision, allowing them to see you in the dark, but they won't be able to see you if you are cloacked; then, their caporal, may or may not be equip by a heat vision allowing them to see you cloack. Global awareness effect Each action you do can affect your global awereness and if the globe know about your presence on earth, they will prepared themself. Some city may be under the protection of the army, while some region may increase the amount of patrol to keep the street secure. In this non linear game experience we want action to have consequences. That statement is often trown in the air and we don't pretend there is a good or a bad way to do it, but we want to make sure that each game you play is really unique and different. We want this addictive game to be fun as you try over and over to beat it. Beating the game is going to be very challenging, it has this core arcade root that require painfull death and frustrating time But unlike classic game that you really replay the same game over and over untill you learn the pattern, this one is trying to be different on each session while allowing you to improve with the core level design of each country. State of the game update Almost a year of development. I can't beleive it. It much more work then i thought, but it much much better than what I was hoping to achieve. We are confident in delivering a full feature indie game. It's fun to finally work on visual stuff, i insisted to work only on the code to make sure it was possible to do my vision before doing anything visual to avoid wasting time and focus on feature. Now that everything is done in a rough state, the focus was on building the basic asset. We now have enough asset to start building a level. Once the level is done, we can finally test all feature in real-game environnement and slowly improve their functionnality and the look/special FX/sound of each of them. We can also slowly add asset and replace generic one. Add more unit and create all three playable caracther. All the core feature (script) is working and being tested / improved / rewritten The main menu is completed (no audio yet) Soundtrack is completed (very nice bad ass classic sounding retro music score) The hangar is completed (no audio yet) 80% of the assets required to build 2 levels are completed We are implementing temporal AA for highest quality possible. We are still updating/improving character controller and AI for better performance Current Milestone : Build the tutorial level (so we can test all feature in 1 single map and improve them) (3 month) Next Milestone : Build a demo level to show the game (1-2 month) Third Milestone : Finalise asset, playable character, sound and special FX of first 2 level (2 month)
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    Sorry, but I seem to have forgotten to post anything for three years. That is likely to change. . . View the full article
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    One of the great advantages to having a distributed modular system comes in its flexibility and its configurability/re-configurability. The modular approach I'm taking with my system will allow me to service and tune specific aspects of the architecture individually during live operations. The more flexible and modular the system becomes, the harder it becomes to manage efficiently. This is a general rule in large scale computing, at least one I've come to believe in over the years. I was continuing work on the Mob server(loot-drop type NPC controller), and I realized it was past time to begin thinking about how to manage this beast once it's actually breathing internet bits.. Pub/Sub to my rescue again! I'm rolling with a simple CLI program on the servers and it's just using a standard MQTTNet client. Each individual server has a topic in its own name that it subscribes to. e.g. "MobServer01" Each type of server subscribes to their group topic. e.g. "MobServers" So, to send a command to a server or a whole group of servers is just a matter of publishing to the appropriate topic, across the entire infrastructure. Here I've set the Mob to Player ratio to 2 before logging in. The Mob server output is bottom left, the CLI is bottom right. and here's the 2 npcs after login. and now the fun stuff! Well, I guess you'll have to click the link until the embedded images start working again.. https://www.gamedev.net/gallery/image/10396-npccli3mp4/ lol
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