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    So, after a little over a year of software development trying to remake the Windows 95 version of Solitaire, I finally stamped a release build on it. A nice wave of emotions followed by a few glasses of Crown Royal to commemorate closing that chapter in my life. I told myself that would be the last time that I would write a game in Java for a long while, it's time to move on. Java was the first OOP language that I got taught in University when I was doing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and I learned it using Eclipse, this was over 10 years ago. For the past two years I made a couple of games to get back into the grove of working on side projects because there are only so many business applications one can write before insanity kicks in. Since then I made Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Chess, Minesweeper 95, and Solitaire 95. I also wrote a software library to make Java Swing a lot more bearable, almost like a light weight framework that added some game development concepts to Swing such as a better message passing system and a better implementation of the Observable pattern. I also wrote a program to create tile maps that could be exported into all the games that I mentioned above. I added some functionality that would generate and compile Java code at runtime, compile it, and create bindings that I would hook onto in my game to be able to extract data elements that I defined within this editor program. For my next project I really want to challenge myself and see what I'm made of. So, I decided to buy a TI-84 Plus CE, and I'm going to program games in assembly, and of course make a blog about all of this along the way. For my first game on this calculator I will be remaking the game `Snake`. So far as of writing this I have a basic understanding of the hardware specs and the software stack. I have all the requirements installed and I have tested out a demo application to make sure that the assembler that I am using works and that I can upload programs to the calculator and run them. I will not write any of my games in TI-BASIC or C, I am strictly going to be working in Assembly so that I can earn my wings as a Computer Scientist. In the coming weeks I will start posting regular updates about my progress, until then I have a lot of prototyping to do.
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    Copying code is a copyright infringement. Attempting to prevent someone from browsing your source code if they have ever developed on another engine is not normal copyright protection. Quite far from it, actually. Essentially, anyone who has ever worked on an engine (their own, or others) is putting themselves in danger of having you sue them simply for visiting your github link. While such a suit is unlikely to succeed, and could eventually backfire back on yourself, it could still be expensive for the defendant, so on that grounds alone I would highly recommend people steer clear of this mess.
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    Flash is dead. Please, do not start to learn Flash. In this case you will spend your time. Alternative of Flash is HTML5 <canvas> element. You can start from very simple "squared" games where your game objects are represented using squares (or rectangles) with different colors. In the future you can make next step - you can replace squares (or rectangles) with images. If you know how to draw squares, how to set colors for squares, how to clear the render canvas and redraw squares again then you can write a lot of simple games like: Snake, Pong and so on. This is very simple and genius tutorial series for beginners:
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    I've had the pleasure working with @Brain on his game: Mr Boom's Firework Factory by assisting with some graphics as of recent. I'll post a link to his blog and gallery at the end so you can go and check it out. Long story short, @Brain had a container which he could use but it was over 260,000 Tris and had 5 texture sets, and 4 decal textures all 4k each. I offered to optimize everything but realized the meshes were too messy so I ended up just re modeling it all while maintain most of the same look (structure wise - not texture). I then baked, re-textured the container, and added the decals supplied by @Brain. The final mesh is only around 20,000 Tris, 1 texture set which is 4k (includes the decals within) which is a major reduction from the original. I did two different lighting setups to show case the containers. The first is more outside cloudy type HDR, the second is a clear blue sky one. Check out @Brain's blog, gallery, and project page below:
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    Google's rumored gaming announcement was announced this morning during the Google keynote at the Game Developers Conference. Called Stadia, the new generation gaming platform leverages Google's 20 years of data center and network capabilities across 7,500+ edge node locations globally to change how people access and enjoy video games across multiple platforms, including TV, laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phones. No downloads, updates, patches, or installs. The goal is to make these games available at up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with HDR and surround sound. Specs for Stadia include custom AMD GPUs with 56 compute units, 10.7 TFlops with applications using the Vulkan API on 2.7 Ghz hyperthreaded x86 CPUs. Games will have 16 GB of RAM available and will run on Linux. Stadia includes a WiFi connected controller with built-in capture and Google Assistant buttons. The controller has a direct connection through WiFi to the data centers driving Stadia for the best possible gaming performance. It will launch later this year in the US, Canada, UK, and much of Europe. There is not much information yet how developers bring their games to Stadia, although it appears they are targeting AAA developers to start. Google is working with a variety of Middleware partners, and more announcements are certain to roll out through the rest of this week. Watch the keynote: View full story
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    There is rumor AMD plans to support DXR on Vega and upwards.
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    For your second question: if you have only one out variable in the fragment shader, that out will be used as the color. Here's a discussion about that on StackOverflow: How does the fragment shader know what variable to use for the color of a pixel?
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    Figured it would've happened a few months ago when MS bought 'em. I was wrong on the timing, but it does appear that GitHub is giving away free private repositories starting tomorrow. Yay! https://thenextweb.com/dd/2019/01/05/github-now-gives-free-users-unlimited-private-repositories/ View the full article
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    Hello again, nice to see you at this weeks Dev Diary! This weeks topics are; More YouTube content coming. a Simpler game to be the first one to come out. Without further ado; Content Updates My dear friend asked me if I had planned any Live-Streaming of my workflow. Sadly, I don't have the courage yet to make a live-streaming of my workflow. I always try to get to a "flow" state, and Live-Streaming is a hindrance in that sense. I won't say no to it indefinitely, I will keep that as a possibility for the future. How ever, I will be releasing the recordings in a more friendly format for watching, at nearly real-time speed. This is done by semi-automatic cutting methods, where I first deleted every duplicate frame, that were still for more than a second. Next, I cut the video to pieces according to project area. The picture above is just to show the whole frame count of the video after the Pre-Processing pass with FFMPEG and a few manually cut scenes of my Desktop, Windows messages and the picture errors that happened while recording the video. The first part will be about 15 minutes long and the second part might be over 40 minutes, as I make a lot more of the generic assets in that one. I might still cut it from the appropriate places to make the videos shorter, so that the Generic furniture of the Kitchen area would be at least in 3 parts total. The black bar below the videos will be used for the playlist of the video. Currently I have plans for showing the Album cover of the songs, the name of the ReMix and remixer and the original song name. I also would like to make a timer counting down how long the song will last and animate the transition to a new song. I just have to see how to make a clear but advanced looking status bar, preferably having a 3D look to it. I will try both Blender and After Effects for this and see which one has the better workflow. Another Game? First and foremost, the Horror title that I have been releasing material from thus far will remain my main priority. I came to this conclusion to make another game first, after making the main menu and watching many tutorials on how to make a 2D game in unity. Since it will be much faster to make a 2D game, I will be able to finish one game quicker and that can act as advertisement for the Horror Title. Fiddling with the Photoshop so much, how ever, got me hooked on image editing, which is just the right kind of energy needed for creating a 2D game. The idea for the game is still in the back burner and I'm still figuring out what it could be about, but I will make it as simple as possible, in order to have it released within a month from starting it. More information on that when I have started the side-project. The game will be a mobile title, which I will make using Unity. It will function as a simple demonstration of what I have learned and will be fully animated 2D or 2.5D game. The work on this title will start at earliest after I have completed editing the videos for the Project Taival YouTube -channel. I realize that announcing a side-project before the first one is ready can be seen as alarming for people, especially when the projects are made by a single person, who has no previous releases to show. But all the more reason for me to not fudge this up I welcome the peer pressure as motivation for me and I do hope to see you supporting me in spirit in this endeavor. That's it for this weeks Dev Diary and I hope to see you next week! PS. Any suggestions for either game are still most welcome. What could I do differently on these Dev Diaries to make them more interesting? Any constructive criticism is most welcome. You can keep your self up-to-date about the project on these official channels; • YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • Discord • Reddit • Pinterest • SoundCloud • LinkedIn
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    Some of your license terms are extremely off-putting: Troubling, likely an enforcement nightmare, and I suspect not defensible in court though IANAL. Definitely enough to steer people away, though.
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