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    Steam We’ve had a busy few months, but we are now officially on Steam! Obviously an important place for us to market our game is Steam. Although we are still developing away, it is important for us to get a presence on Steam and start building up a community. A major part of that is getting people signed up to our “Wish List”, so that they can see updates and get notified when the game is ready. So, if you like the look of our game, click below and add us to your wish list and take a look at our Steam page. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047870/Something_Ate_My_Alien/ Enhancements We’ve been adding lots of new effects, sounds and challenges to all the planets. The game is now 100% playable from start to end, but we still have some things to finish off, polish and refine. We added lots more particle effects and lighting to make the battles stand out, and some other interesting effects including snow storms, earthquakes and a new device on Lelantos that portals the Aliens around. There are now lots more upgrades that you can give your Aliens to help them out while down on the planets solving puzzles and fighting with the locals. Including a new weapon, the ‘Bomb Launcher’ that allows the Aliens to fire bombs into tight areas to clear out a horde of enemies. We worked on some colour-blindness settings to help players to be able to identify where the blocks in the puzzles fit into by having symbols representing the colors. This is an option you can turn on in the settings. Also the ability to ‘zoom’ the view in, so you can get a closer look at things. In conjunction with starting up on Steam, we have also released a new video trailer showing off the current state and game play. This showed off all the aspect of the game, Puzzle Solving, Digging, Collecting and Fighting! We also updated our main logo and you can see that in the thumbnail of the video below. Something-Ate-My-Alien-RoKabium-Games-Dev-Trailer-2-FadeTransitions-v4-1440.mp4 Alpha Testing We’ve also started public Alpha testing. So if you fancy trying out our game and give us some feedback on what you think, click the link below to go to the forum post about how you can apply to do some testing. http://www.somethingatemyalien.com/forums/Thread-Sign-up-for-Alpha-Testing Last month we joined forces with a company called IndieBros, and they will be helping us with Social Media, Steam and general marketing activities. We felt we needed help in this area to make sure our game is a success when we launch. Over the next few months we will be keeping in contact with our Alpha testers and once we are happy that nothing major is going to change we will move to Beta testing and then onto a launch. So still some work to do but the finish line is in sight.
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    I'ver never done such intersting things so i can't help much, but because BSP partitions space with planes, anything that keep the relations between those planes intact should work, e.g. translation, rotation, nonuniform sacle, mirroring - any kind of linear transformation and combination of this. What won't work would be curvy distortions like bend or curl because separating planes would start to intersect. Thinking of it, you're likely right with making each sector its own BSP. The BSPs stay seperate because they are static, and the protals only create the illusion they would be connected. If the player goes through a portel he gets teleported from one place to another but he does not realize the trick. Overlaps would be no problem here. That's how i would do it, but my imagination is limited to things like this: This was a nice project. (Physics work by having two instances of a body that goes through the portal. A Joint connects them to make tham act like a single body, and in the contact callback contacts behind the portal plane get rejected to virtually cut the objects. Rendering worked with render to texture which looked a bit glitchy when i tried the demo. Quake did better with its portals.) I'm unsure if this can do 'Noneuclidean Space' like you want, but making a room inside larger than the house is from the outside should work using scale for example. I'm also unsure if you really need BSP for that. It seems all the magic happens at the portals and the transformation they do?
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    Cool! I hope it does well. It certainly looks polished.
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    Thanks! We're still working hard on the Alpha testing, making changes based on what our testers come up with. Slowly but surely working towards our release
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    This is really impressive. The game looks fluid and fun to play.
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    The bottom formula can be expanded as C + sigma_0 a_0 A_0 + sigma_1 a_1 A_1 + sigma_2 a_2 A_2. They tell you that |sigma_i| = 1, which means that each of the sigma_i values can be -1 or +1. There are 8 ways to make those choices, and that's how to get your 8 vertices.
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    Shouldn't this be: (power + 2.0f)/(4.0f*PI*( 2.0f-exp2(-power / 2.0f))) ? These equations mention exp2 while you just multiply there, which has quite different effect...
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    Some GPUs will have a "horizontal add" instruction, to quickly sum all elements of a vec4, others won't... HLSL (and GLSL AFAIK) don't have any way to express this operation directly though... Besides repeated addition or the "dot with 1.0" trick. You just have to hope that the graphics drivers recognise this sequence of HLSL bytecode instructions and can compile it into the appropriate GPU-specific instructions (such as a horizontal add, it it exists...). AMD actually have some tools where you can provide compiled HLSL code as input, and it will display actual AMD GCN assembly as output, showing what their drivers will do when you load shaders at runtime. I usually wouldn't bother putting in that level of effort unless you're desperate for microseconds though 😉
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    Games are actually a medium. Nobody says the point of reading a book is to have "fun". Books are put to many purposes. The challenge of course is getting people to play a game. Same as getting people to read a book. There is very little to say about whether games can or can't influence people's behavior, because very few game developers make any effort to try to do that. It is equally clear that trying to influence people is R&D, not something that is generally done or that people generally know how to do. This again is why I say the discussion has to become specific. Generalized problems of human motivation and action are intractable.
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    If you know a little of C++ and C#, why not try them both out and see which you like the most? Both are very competent solutions, and have different approaches. One may resonate with you and you might use it and think "ah ha, yes, i understand and enjoy this". You may find you like both equally as much, and then you've gained a ton of knowledge. You can't really go wrong though, there is no bad choice here - both will be suitable for creating a first game.
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