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    Cool! I hope it does well. It certainly looks polished.
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    We haven't quite decided on cost yet, but we think around $15-$20. We already have a page setup on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047870/Something_Ate_My_Alien/ And we hopefully plan to be on other stores also
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    Thanks! We're still working hard on the Alpha testing, making changes based on what our testers come up with. Slowly but surely working towards our release
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    This is really impressive. The game looks fluid and fun to play.
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    Amazing work! I'm working on a site for some of my personal stuff with the intent in putting out tutorials and such on game development. I'll promote your stuff once I get to that stage as I'm mostly catering to programmers so getting asset packs at a one stop shop like your site is beneficial. Been pretty busy on my work projects so I haven't had a lot of time, but it is in the works! I think within a few months I'll start working on the tutorial stuff. Until then I'll direct people to your site if asked. Keep up the great work.
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    Games are actually a medium. Nobody says the point of reading a book is to have "fun". Books are put to many purposes. The challenge of course is getting people to play a game. Same as getting people to read a book. There is very little to say about whether games can or can't influence people's behavior, because very few game developers make any effort to try to do that. It is equally clear that trying to influence people is R&D, not something that is generally done or that people generally know how to do. This again is why I say the discussion has to become specific. Generalized problems of human motivation and action are intractable.
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