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    I'm going to start doing my own personal challenges which are not time based, but I will be attempting to complete them as fast as possible and up to the requirements listed. These games are going to be smaller scale as I intend on completing a lot of different types of games for fun. There will be specific requirements, and once they're met the challenge will be completed, and I'll begin the next one. I'm hoping to have a large list of games done within the year. These are also not intended to be polished releases by any means. Now what better way to start than a game we all know, chess! Challenge 1 - 3D Chess Requirements: - Create a chess game that follows all movement rules including castling, double-stepping, and en passant. - Main Menu to start a new game and leave the game - Have an indicator that will show all possible movement paths, including if you're able to take or you're blocked by a piece. - Game Over / Win Screen with an option to play again or return to the main menu - 2 Player Local (Game will not have any form of AI) - All assets used must be assets I've created (Graphics, Music, SFX, ect...) I'll be posting frequent updates on this and should have something shortly to post. My approach to all these challenges will be prototype first then assets after. I will update this post with links to all the parts. Parts:
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    A few things happen. You are notified that it's been featured. A star is put on the entry. It shows up in any of the featured blog feeds around the site. It is listed in that week's newsletter. You receive additional Pixels (activity points) on top of the Pixels you received for posting the blog entry. More will happen when we get the new platform (which I'll talk more about soon and is coming soon), including more prominence for the blog entry - so more members will see it - as well as get additional exposure through the social channels. I'll have more on that soon.
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    Wish you very very happy birthday πŸŽ‚ gamedev. Thank you for being platform of choice for millions of new and existing game developers 😊. Keep evolving, have a birght future πŸ‘
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    Whose the lucky guy who gets twenty punches???
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    Think of it as two different virtual addresses for the same physical address. One of those addresses can be used to locate the descriptor on the CPU, so that the driver can write to it, while the other can be used to locate it on the GPU, so that it can be read.
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    I've had the pleasure working with @Brain on his game: Mr Boom's Firework Factory by assisting with some graphics as of recent. I'll post a link to his blog and gallery at the end so you can go and check it out. Long story short, @Brain had a container which he could use but it was over 260,000 Tris and had 5 texture sets, and 4 decal textures all 4k each. I offered to optimize everything but realized the meshes were too messy so I ended up just re modeling it all while maintain most of the same look (structure wise - not texture). I then baked, re-textured the container, and added the decals supplied by @Brain. The final mesh is only around 20,000 Tris, 1 texture set which is 4k (includes the decals within) which is a major reduction from the original. I did two different lighting setups to show case the containers. The first is more outside cloudy type HDR, the second is a clear blue sky one. Check out @Brain's blog, gallery, and project page below:
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    Hello dears! This month we had the following tasks: 0. Decide whether we need to implement AO (ambient occlusion) or not. 1. Screw the optimization of the terrain, i.e. return it to the previous level. 2. Implement the creation of a settings file and its saving. 3. Loading textures depending on quality settings. 4. To implement the preloading of the objects. 5. Tie different mines, and implement a new type of buildings-career. 6. Do as I call them multiobjects. These are the objects on the map that will be drawn by several instancing objects. 7. Implement a window interface object that can be dragged and dropped. Including the second screen, respectively, to implement support for the second screen. 8. And finally to finish the creation of new cities with strata and the first economic ties. But after reading an interesting article https://gamedev.ru/industry/articles/Godot_making_game threw a number of tasks and the list turned out: 1. Screw the optimization of the terrain, i.e. return it to the previous level. 2. Implement the creation of a settings file and its saving. 3. Loading textures depending on quality settings. 4. Tie different mines, and implement a new type of buildings-career. 5. And finally to finish the creation of new cities with strata and the first economic ties. On the project as before continued to work at least 12 hours a day. But one day I forgot the flash drive at work with the project and did not do it at home... And after this, so to speak forced rest, the next day was productive. Decided to practice this approach to development. In the end the performance like, has increased, probably affected tiredness. As a result, I took a two-week break from development. Week vacation and a week was given to all the various accumulated personal and work events. After such rest the first week left on performance of the list of small tasks: - fixed a glitch with trees that appeared in the ice; - made snow Christmas trees; - corrected models of deciduous trees; - corrected generation of mountains, reduced height of peaks, reduced snow caps; - fixed a bug with square banks. - fixed new textures of mountains. - completed mapping of surfaces (swamps, ice) now they are clearly displayed according to the grid of 4x4 sub-tiles; - fixed pathfinding algorithm considering new mountains. The first of the main list were made mines and quarries: And we have one small miracle of the world: Next made loading textures depending on the selected quality, and had the same Tinker with this seemingly easy task. In General, I implemented 4 out of 5 main points. Again deprived gameplay. Today, with the engine stopped. It remains only to correct the generation of rivers. And all next month only gameplay on the agenda. Try Thank you for your attention!
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    One of the major problems with indie developers is the lack of marketing dollars. Out of the several businesses I run, if I didn't spend a dime marketing I wouldn't have any sales... period! Overtime you'll build a following and word of mouth will help, but either way you still have to put money towards a marketing budget months prior to release and during release. You can have the best product, or service but if nobody knows about it then it means nothing. When you're trying to sell your game on steam you have to deal with the overflowing submissions on there on a global scale, and the exposure isn't going to happen without putting money towards it. It's a hard truth for many because a lot of indies don't have financial backing to push their marketing in order to generate exposure, but unless you have good connections for endorsements and a lot of "luck", your game will flop majority of the time if you just release it on steam and hope for the best. If anyone is looking at doing this as a business and make games commercially, then you 'must' treat it like any other business. You have incurred costs to produce your product, and you have even more costs you need to up-front for the marketing to generate exposure in order to bring the product to your target audience.
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    Ray Tracing Gems, a book with the goal of educating developers at all levels about important concepts and the state of the art in ray tracing, is due to be released mid-March in hardback form, but the contents are being made available at no cost as the chapters reached a finished state in the weeks leading up to the hardbook release. Today NVIDIA Developer Zone posted Part II of the book here. Keep an eye on the book's page as the schedule shows new parts released every few days until February 25, 2019.
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