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Making background, WIP.
#screenshotSaturday #gamedev #indieGamedev #indieGame #love2d https://t.co/XiSAeBtHog
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Gamedev.net Forums

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Gamedev.net Forums
Gamedev.net's forums are some of the longest running forums for game developers on the net. The forums cover technical, business, and creative topics and largely center around PC game development.

<a href="https://www.gamedev.net/links/goto/1-gamedevnet-forums/">Gamedev.net Forums</a>
[url="https://www.gamedev.net/links/goto/1-gamedevnet-forums/"]Gamedev.net Forums[/url]

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Gamedev.net largely caters to a programmer-centric audience, so the more creative types out there may not find as much of a community for them as exists on other sites.