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One of the largest free/open game asset sites around, everything here is free to use under varying licenses from creative commons to GPL. Contains sound effects, music, 3D models and textures, 2D sprite sheets and more. Great for prototype graphics.

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    • By pedro87
      Hi, I am currently learning 3D graphics using openGL, and I am trying to grasp the different viewing projections. Currently Orthographic. I think i am understanding it, but I just want to be sure, so hoping someone can let me know if I am wrong or not.
      So what I am trying to figure out is: 
      Does the Orthographic viewing projection matrix get multiplied by each point in the viewing projection box, and that is why z = 0 in the projection matrix, because all the points are being brought to a 2D plane?
      Initially I thought that Z = 0 did not make sense since the viewing projection box was -1 to 1 in each dimensions, and I thought the matrix had to do with that.But that is wrong, correct? 
    • By DIM DAWN Studios
      The wait is over
      You are awakened from a dream.
      You don't where you are or who you are. But the only certain thing is;
      You have to go forward.
      On your journey to Akimon you will face many obstacles in many forms.
      But before you can beat the challenge ahead
      You'll have to use your reflexes and determination in order to avoid death.
      But none will be harder than the most fearsome of them all.
      To Akimon is a game based upon one mechanic only.
      You will have to rely on your reflexes in order to progress.
      The game tries to maintain a minimalistic voxel-esque visual style 
      while also accompanying you with a soundtrack inspired by 8-bit and synthwave music.
      You can find more information about TO AKIMON and us here!
      You can purchase TO AKIMON here!

      SS 6.bmp
    • By Anton Kormishenkov
      To The Capital 2 is a game in the genre jRPG with classic turn-based battles in which you have to travel together with four heroes visiting a lot of cities, dungeons, mysterious places and fight with various bosses.

      It took almost 2 years to develop and finally we have reached this important event as the release of To The Capital 2!

      Big thank you to everyone who has followed our project. I hope our game will give pleasure to fans of the genre of jRPG, and beginners in it.

    • By Nick Griffith
      I'm building an innovative 2d platformer game, more on that later probably.
      I've created basic mechanics, some basic enemies, wall jumping platforms and the like. But I just need MORE to fill my levels with.
      Could you guys give me ideas for enemies, items, mechanics, basically anything(art would be appreciated, but I just need ideas)
    • By codingJoe
      I have my 3D application use floats for almost everything. Now I realize that I lack precision (typically for transformation matrices, that are cumulative with a hierarchial arrangement of objects). So I want to switch to double for matrix/vector calculation and most other things.
      My question is: what should I do with my vertices and normal vectors? From a storage point of view, going from float to double will almost double my file sizes, which is not really problematic. But passing doubles to a graphic card is another story I think, since twice that many data need to be passed, which very probably represents a bottleneck. I am using pure old openGl, but want to switch to vtk or something similar. What are people normally doing in this situation?
      Thanks for any insight

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