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One of the largest free/open game asset sites around, everything here is free to use under varying licenses from creative commons to GPL. Contains sound effects, music, 3D models and textures, 2D sprite sheets and more. Great for prototype graphics.

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    • By Jellehtot
      I'm currently developing a full-on isometric pixel-art asset pack for Unity's Isometric Tile system (hopefully could go into other programs too), which will hopefully go on the asset store.
      The environments I'm currently making are dungeon-esque, and I'm working with a designer to get an idea of how best to set this up.

      I'd really like some suggestions to what should go into this project! Such as what types of assets could be added, and any tips to make this pack easier to use for designers/programmers!
      My current goals are to make multiple types of isometric block sprites (currently a lot of bricks, to say the least), environment props (such as the ones above), and hopefully go on to create some animated characters/enemies (which I've already started to experiment with the little guy down below 😊).

      Oh, and colour suggestions would be great! I'm currently making everything grey-scale to easily change them in the future. I've looked into having Unity change the colour of sprites, but I don't know how to apply this to tile maps. (Any info on this would be great. 😓) Otherwise, I'll be creating set colours to choose from!
      More examples:

    • By Magi98
      Hello all,
      I am currently looking for talented individuals to aid in the development of a pirate-themed 2D Platformer
      A bit about the game:
      This will be a 2D platformer built in Unity for PC. It will be scripted in C#. As for other programs that will be used for art/animation, I am open to a discussion from the team. I have been using Photoshop and After Effects for the initial prototyping, but this is no way set in stone
      In terms of art style, we have quite a bit of concept art done already. Again, nothing permanent and if you are asked to join the team you will be able to voice your concerns should you wish to change something. That being said, we are currently looking at a brightly colored, cartoony styled game set primarily on the beach/docks or in caves.
      The design is looking at going one of two ways:
      Puzzle style: where each level is a challenge with enemies and difficult layouts that require thinking in order to reach the end Survival: Think Zombieville USA (the old mobile game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvfVDczQXOY). Just try to reach the end of the level before dying. Each level there are more and more enemies. This would include a weapon upgrade system and infinite levels in which enemy spawns are algorithmically generated. One of these will be chosen in the following weeks as we approach the construction of a finalized prototype   Our team is currently in search of the following: Character Artists Background Artists Asset Artists Writers Animators Engineers/Programmers (C#) If you feel you can fit one or multiple of these roles please feel free to respond to this post or private message me.
      Right now, the main goal is to get a prototype up and running. Should this be accomplished, we can look at researching the possibility of starting a Kickstarter and marketing campaign. That being said, for the time being, this is a hobby-project and all work is unpaid. Just done out of the love for video games and the passion to make something cool  Should it move past that we will obviously discuss monetary benefits. 
    • By badapple0028
      In DCC, we can soft select things with proper falloff in volume/viewport. I think I can do the soft selection with viewport falloff. But how is volume falloff implemented especially with lasso/poly selection mode?
      In lasso/poly selection mode, the 2D selection area in viewport is irregular polygon. Then selected objects will also in an irregular 3D space. How to do volume falloff based on this irregular 3D space to achieve soft selection?
    • By Ryokeen
      Well, just for the fun of it i started to implement a simple quadtree into a little project of mine. Just to maybe speed up rendering and have at least some sort of culling for maps as they are made as basicly one huge mesh. But then there is the situation that triangles will cross borders of the childnodes if a node has to be splitted.

      Pushing them into the parent node would be easier, but that means that there is the potential to draw more nodes than possible because of well, crossing triangles.
      Then if they would get split so that i only have to render leaf nodes, means i get quite some more triangles to render.
      As for now the quadtree will only be used for rendering so each triangle in the hughe mesh should only be present one time(to avoid possible overdraw/double rendering of triangles)
      Now what i'm asking or where i need some input is, is it better to push the triangles which are in more than one childnode into the parent node or split them at the boundary, resuling in more triangles but they will only be in leaf nodes ?
      regards Ryokeen
    • By Discip13
      Hello everyone! My name is Nikita Yashukov. I'm a 3D Artist looking for projects to participate. I have been creating 3D stuff for about two years and I'am interested in teamwork experience.
      You can see my works here: https://www.artstation.com/lof
      My contacts: shvartznik@gmail.com
      Thank you.


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