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Cross Platform Mod API & SDK


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mod.io is an cross platform mod service created by the team behind ModDB.com and IndieDB.com. It can be integrated in-game using the  REST API, C/C++ SDK or engine plugins (if available) Unity is ready and Unreal Engine is in development.

Features include:

  • Platform agnostic (support 1 click mod installs on Steam, Epic Games Store, Discord, GOG, itch.io and even consoles in the future)
  • Clientless (mod.io has no other dependencies and works behind the scenes in your game)
  • Embeddable web app UI, so you can integrate your mod community anywhere
  • Powerful search, filtering and tagging of mods
  • Moderation and reporting systems built-in

Steps to getting mod.io integrated:

  1. Add your game to our test environment or production
  2. Read our API documentation for an overview of how mod.io works
  3. Choose an Engine Plugin, API or SDK to integrate mod.io into your game and mod making tools
  4. Ready to launch? Add your game to our production environment then let's discuss promoting your release
  5. Need help? Our team is available on Discord to assist and our getting started guide has more information for you



Benefits of using mod.io:
mod.io offers the same core functionality as Steamworks Workshop (1 click mod installs in-game), plus mod hosting, moderation and all of the critical pieces needed. Where we differ is our approach to modding and the flexibility a REST API offers. For example: 

  • Our API is not dependent on a client or SDK, allowing you to run mod.io in many places such as your homepage and launchers
  • Designing a good mod browsing UI is hard, our plugins ship with a UI built in to save you a lot of effort and help your mods stand out
  • We don’t apply rules globally, so if you want to enable patronage, sales or other experimental features, reach out to discuss
  • Our platform is built by the super experienced ModDB.com team and is continually improving for your benefit
  • Your community can consume the mod.io API to build modding fan sites or discord bots if they want

Large studios and publishers:
A private white label option is available to license, if you want a fully featured mod-platform that you can control and host in-house. Contact us to discuss.

Find out more:
Visit mod.io | About us | Add your game | Chat on Discord

These screenshots are from our Unity plugin:





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UPDATE: Support for Steam & GOG authentication is now available in the mod.io API, SDK & Unity plugin. The functionality has been implemented by Foundation game & used by over 10000 players in the first week.

If you want to enable immediate and secure authentication for your players using mod.io, reach out to our team today to see how we can accommodate your authentication flow. Support for more stores will be added on request.

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Very proud to welcome ModBot 🤖 to the family. If you run a Discord server and want your community to be alerted when mods for your favorite games on mod.io are added or updated, invite the ModBot in.

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    • By Homeship
      A 3D shooter requires 3d artists, animators and sound engineer.
      Good day.

      The project is unequivocally non-profit and applicable to such tasks:
      - go through the entire sequence of the project’s release in Steam,
      - get the project in the portfolio
      - Practice low-budget indie marketing.
      - game development skills upgrade )
      And all this - with a minimum budget.
      The game is done on Unity.
      Some free content assets from the asset store. Many of them are highly modified.
       All code is mine. 
      The plot and setting of the shooter is based on the comic strip by Alexadr Dyakov "Owl - is an effective manager.
      The Hare from the comic strip will act as the protagonist.
      His opponents: jerboas, raccoons, bats, wolves (as the most guards and security forces of the owl) and owls themselves.

      Duration of the game - 5 locations (Forest, Plant, Offices, Snow-capped mountains, Desert).
       2-3 hours of gameplay.
      The emotional goal of the game is to respond to the experiences that arise when reading a comic book.))
      The use of characters and several pages of the comic book has already been agreed with the author of the comic book.
      Game Features: 
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      - a lot of blood and violence
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      - enemies have a limited view, and respond to sounds 
      - weather system (snow, rain, fog, thunderstorm, wind), change of time of day 
      - localization of hits and change in the behavior of opponents, depending on their condition.
      We trying to make it cheap (in development), simple and fun as possible.
      At the moment, alpha version of game is already ready. All described features of the game are implemented already.
      Current development status:
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