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Best 2D Game Engines: The Complete List


I reviewed 42 of the most popular 2D game engines so that beginners can have an overview of what's in the market without having to look all over the web.

I included useful info for each engine such as their price, activity, game showcases, documentation and popularity.

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    • By ottojokes
      The Monochrome Workshop is looking to work with 2D artists to help in creating art assets for our project the Monochrome RPG). The Workshop welcomes those interested that have a few hours (or more than a few) each week to contribute to a project!
      The Game
      Theme: 20s/30s Cartoon
      Setting: Toon version of US Roaring 20s
      Genre: Narrative-driven Comedy RPG
      Platforms: PC, Mac, hopefully more!
      Engine: Unity
      The RPG is an adventure that follows the traveling comedian Otto as he attempts to rescue his hometown of Vaudeville from strange creatures that have been appearing, the notorious terrorists the Bleak Barons, and their leader Baron LeStache.
      Otto is a bit of a loner, living on the edge of Vaudeville. He’s struggling to find his way in the world. He’s cute, he’s funny, but he just can’t seem to find the right job or the right friends.
      Most of the creatures in Vaudeville appear to be having so much fun… but he just doesn’t see the world the same way. His sense of humor is a bit… odd. And the friends he does have are a bit… off. On top of all that, strange bugs and creatures have been appearing lately around his house…. Well, they are making him worried…

      Here’s a Youtuber’s review of the Demo (a member of the workshop found earlier in the year):
      What You’d Do
      While working as a 2D Artist for the Workshop your primary responsibilities would be:
      Creating 2D art assets based on documentation Participating in Art Team meetings and occasional discussions Using the Workshop website to submit assets In this position, you’d work with a team of other artists to create black and white 2D art assets for the RPG. While working with the Workshop you’ll be able to:
      Meet and learn from other artists Access resources focused on 2D art principles Participate in various community events Earn a share of the revenue for the project About the Team
      The Monochrome Workshop is a new art cooperative of about 20 members funded by an Investor(s) and partnered with a development team. As a cooperative, the Workshop wants to see its members grow and flourish through professional experience. This translates into our payment model which is a rev share model dependent upon how many assets each artist creates. Thus as you create assets that are implemented into the game you get a share of the revenue from the sales of the game. Other benefits of the Workshop include
      A growing network of new and professional artists Opportunities to increase payment through non-art tasks Chances for mentorship and potential internships The Investor has hired a development team to work on the programming aspect of the game and to help with marketing.

      Contact Info
      If interested you can visit monochromerpg.com and enter your email or send your resume and portfolio link directly to workshop@monochromerpg.com and our Community Manager or Art Director will reply.
      You can also message us on discord: ottojokes#8802
      *Must be allowed to work in the US to help with art asset creation*
      Additional Info
      What’s Been Done:
      The team began the development of the Monochrome RPG in February of 2019. In June the team finished the Demo version of the RPG (the latest version is available on Itch) and took it to a game convention where the response impressed our investor enough to fund the next round of development. In the upcoming development sprint, we’ll be expanding upon the Demo and strengthening its weaker elements working towards a crowdfunding campaign or more formal round of funding.
      Project Development - Full Game Narrative, Marketing Plan, Art Documentation, and more! In-Game - General Player Systems (health, movement, etc), Battle System, Creature Collecting System, Narrative Sequences, Item Pickup/Use, and more! Website - Front-facing pages, team-focused back end, documentation integration, and more! The Team:
      The team is filled with a mixture of student and professional artists all helping with art for the RPG. Meetings are held once a week (with the occasional off week to allow for development time). The Workshop is using a new platform to help with task management and we use Slack for team communication.
      How’s Development Going:
      Currently, development is paused as we’ve been creating a website and task management system for the team. With both of those almost complete we plan to start active development in October and from there continue until the team and investor(s) feel that it’s ready for a crowdfunding campaign or other forms of funding (most likely early 2020).

    • By RoKabium Games
      For #screenshotsaturday, the song of Fire and Ice can be experienced in SAMA if you bring your Pyroblaster into the cold depths of Aura.
    • By HDR Games
      Yesterday I've published my new game to google play!
      I'm 16 years old and I will be very happy if you check my game and tell me what you think about it.
      It takes a minute to download and you won't regret it. Please let me know what you think in the comments.
      Best android game of the year! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HDRGames.FishTheFun
      Swim into the depths of the sea! Jump the highest and reach the sky. Beware of enemy fish, birds and obstacles. 
      1. Discover fish as you play!
      2. Buy fish to be able to play with them!
      3. Improve your best score to beat your friends'!
      4. Complete 100 quests to win rewards!
      5. Enter every day to receive daily rewards!
      6. Enjoy the sea, and Fish The Fun.
      Link to HDRGames website: http://hdrgames.sytes.net
      Link to HDRGames Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hdr.games
      Watch the trailer: 

    • By viicty
      It's 1993 and you play as a deranged LAPD detective whose colleague got murdered. Get revenge by slaughtering half of the underworld in this retro, ultra-violent, side-scrolling shooter. Aggression and speed are the only elements that will keep you alive. Variety of weapons and an amazing synthwave & vaporwave soundtrack are there to help you.
      - Tons of blood
      - Story
      - 10 challenging levels, 3 bosses
      - 20 weapons, each weapon can be used to execute an enemy
      - Synthwave, vaporwave and dark ambient soundtrack by Catsystem Corp, Daniel Deluxe, Lazerpunk, Ugasanie, and Xerxes the Dark
      - Retro visuals
      Gameplay tips:
      - Combos and executions heal you up
      - Get 5 stars on a level to increase your max health
      - Melee weapons are most efficient against enemies with guns and vice versa
      - Plan all your moves ahead
      - Nearby enemies can hear your gunshots
      - Use shotguns at close range
      - Shotguns can destroy doors
      - A, D - Move left/right
      - W - Use stairs
      - Left mouse button - Attack
      - Right mouse button - Pick up/throw a weapon
      - Space - Execute an enemy
      DOWNLOAD, SCREENSHOTS, MORE INFO: https://viicty.itch.io/onduty
    • By phil67rpg
      well I am working a jumping algorithm. I got my sprite to move up and down irratically I want it to jump up and  down smoothly. let me know if you need more info.
      void spritejump() { if (state == false) { jump++; if (jump >= 20.0f) { state = true; } } else if (state == true) { jump--; if (jump <= 0.0f) { state = false; } } // cout << "jump: " << jump << endl; } void handleKeypress(unsigned char key, int x, int y) { int animate = 0; switch (key) { case 27: exit(0); break; case 32: animate = !animate; if (animate) { glutIdleFunc(spritejump); } else { glutIdleFunc(NULL); } break;  

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