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How to Get PC Resellers to Do More to Help You Grow


Game developers work extremely hard to get their titles in front of gamers but what more can PC resellers do to help developers grow? See what answer Intel® has and how they plan on expanding your game's reach.

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Game developers work hard to get their titles in front of gamers, immediately upon release. A new title generally commands its full retail price during the first few months, but promotional sales are a common practice to increase sales and players once a title has been in the market for a while.  

Reaching More Gamers, Sooner

Media sites such as IGNMetacriticSlateFANDOMGAMESBEATEngadgetYouTube, Twitch.tv and PCMag.com help get the word out about new titles through news, reviews, events and influencer opinions. Many game developers also have promotional relationships (some exclusive) with major platform players like Intel, nVIDIA, Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox), and PC OEMs.  
Intel offers Starter Packs through PC OEMs to get titles in front of gamers.  Consumers may get a “pack” of select titles and downloadable content with the purchase of a qualifying system. We’ve run that program for five years, and we expect millions of bundles to be sold in 2017, supporting hundreds of PC resellers and retailers, worldwide. Can you imagine the number of gamers we reach? In addition, Intel® Extreme Masters eSports tournaments and expanding global and regional gaming events help more gamers hear about and experience new titles.  

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