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  • 09/09/19 11:05 AM

    3Gen - Procedural 3D Plants Generator



    Hi Guys. My friend just told me about this community so I'm completely new here :)

    I've been developing Procedural 3D Plants Generator plug-in for Autodesk Maya in my free time for almost three years now and I would really like some feedback from You. Ideally, negative feedback. I would like to know what would You like to change, edit or remove. If You want to see more about the plug-in, you can check Youtube demo of plug-in. Thank You!nemanja-stojanovic-2.thumb.jpg.ab7729d3bc504a71a30edd66a477555a.jpgnemanja-stojanovic-1.thumb.jpg.6775764676c360363fa726b61215cd48.jpg



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