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    AMD published a whitepaper on the all-new AMD RDNA gaming architecture, providing a technical analysis of the underlying architecture powering “Navi”- based graphics cards, including the new Radeon RX 5700 series GPUs.
    The RDNA architecture is optimized for efficiency and programmability while offering backwards compatibility with the GCN architecture. The new RDNA whitepaper details the underlying technology of the architecture, including the system architecture, shader array and graphics functions, execution units, cache and memory, advanced visual effects, the Radeon Multimedia and Display engines, and much more.
    For a deep-dive analysis of the RDNA architecture, download the whitepaper here.

    GeForce NOW is the going to soon be the newest streaming platform to hit the markets. Coming into the scene and competing with Steam's streaming platform, NVIDIA claims NOW will "elevate PC gaming."
    So far, NVIDIA has said that NOW has over 1,000 games streamed for a whopping 30 million hours between current users.
    To some, this will be seen as a service to the neglected Mac computers when it comes to gaming and will be yet another company looking to get into the market of streaming games from anywhere.

    In a blog post today, Unity has announced that it's popular Create with Code and Unity Teach software are now generally available for classrooms in order to teach computer science.
    Create with Code includes an environment in teaching every aspect a student will need to program with Unity, including educator training modules, quizzes and answer keys. It also allows for students to apply for the Unity Certified User: Programmer Certification.
    Unity Teach's goal is to act as a platform where "educators can go to learn from each other, share technological challenges, and celebrate successes."

    Sometimes when you go through Steam's endless library, you'll stumble across games you've played elsewhere. The Interactive Recommender has added a new alternative to "ignoring" games while still showing your interests.
    Via PC Gamer:
    Using the "ignore" function can signal to Steam that you don't like or are simply not interested in a game. Whereas this new feature will show that you're interested, but you've played it elsewhere. This allows for the Interactive Recommender to be much less likely to mess up your personalized queue.

    According to Game Informer, Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has been quoted stating that next-gen consoles could have the power and capability for photorealistic graphics in future games.
    The idea of photorealism in the future of gaming could open many doors. However, Zelnick said that this wouldn't be the goal of all of Take-Two's games, citing the Borderland's series iconic animated style.

    For those of you looking to beef up your PC's capabilities, NVIDIA has restocked its supply of RTX 2070 Super and 2080 Super cards.
    According to NVIDIA, these cards have "a superfast GPU with more cores and faster clocks to unleash your creative productivity and gaming dominance."
    The RTX 2070 goes for $499, while the 2080 runs at $699 on NVIDIA's website.
    According to PC Gamer:

    Oculus recently posted a developer guide on Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) 2.0, which combines the power of ASW 1.0 with Positional Timewarp (PTW) to provide higher-quality and lower-latency VR. The blog entry builds on an initial post on ASW 1.0 with more technical details and tips on how to make sure VR applications are ASW 2.0 ready.
    The blog post first discusses the difference between ASW 1.0 and 2.0, including the above video showing debug arrows of the calculated motion vectors per tile used for content-motion warping by ASW, followed by a deeper breakdown into the algorithm used by Oculus runtime to use ASW and a deeper dive into the technical details.
    Check out the full guide here.

    After 24 years with the id Software, former studio director Tim Willits has announced he will be the new chief creative officer of Saber Interactive, the developers of World War Z, according to Eurogamer.
    Founded in 2001, Saber has, alongside World War Z, provided us with such titles as NBA Playgrounds. They are also porting the Ghostbusters remaster for the Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC as well as The Witcher 3: Complete Edition.

    Nintendo is going to begin playing hardball when it comes to games that want to use loot boxes, according to Destructoid.
    This effort will apply to all Switch titles, not just ones directly published by Nintendo.
    Additionally, Sony has also responded to the requirements they must uphold.
    Additionally, Psyonix has pledged to remove loot boxes entirely from Rocket League.
    Currently, nothing is binding Nintendo or Sony to uphold these standards until the 2020 deadline. 

    Bluezone Corporation releases 'Thorium - Cinematic Trailer Samples', a new sound library covering a wide range of multi-layered atmospheres and ambiences, evolving and intimidating drones, acid synth textures, experimental sound effects, transitions, massive impacts and more.
    Boost your inspiration with 870 MB of sounds: Created with a large selection of high quality recordings and then meticulously layered, this downloadable sample library will enhance your creative potential with as many as 119 inspiring sounds. All sounds are carefuly processed and designed to give you ready-to-use elements. 'Thorium - Cinematic Trailer Samples' comes to you in 24-bit high definition and is licensed to you as royalty-free so you can use it in your commercial compositions at no extra cost.
    More info and download: Thorium - Cinematic Trailer Samples

    Steam Workshop is an outlet for fans to create their own content for some of their favorite games. Previously, creators didn't have the hurdle of Valve, until now, according to PC Gamer.
    New submissions to the Workshop will have to go through a two-step procedure. The first step requires new mods to be verified via email, which should be received within a half-hour of submission. The second step is to wait for the submissions to be approved by Valve.
    If you create Steam Workshop mods or use them for your games, what are your thoughts on this development?

    Hi, I collected technical infos about more than 500 open source games and put them in a Github repository (game entries in text format). A dynamic HTML table of the entries is created from the data. It allows searching and sorting. For all the games there is a link to the homepage, where to obtain the sources and other technical infos. I plan to add more games to the list and fill in more infos, but that will take a while. Suggestions for additions are always welcome. A statistics page about the entries is automatically created, revealing for example popular combinations like C++ and SDL2. I also converted some CVS, SVN repositories to Git of old, inactive game projects and put them on Gitlab.com/osgames.
    I hope you might find the list useful.

    The Obstacle Tower Challenge was a six-month-long contest held by Unity, and it has officially come to a close.
    In the six month span, they received around 3,000 submissions to the contest. The first place winner is Alex Nichol, who's tower agent passed an average of 19.4 floors. Participants, in brief, created an AI that could traverse a randomly generated tower.
    The rest of the winners can be seen on the Unity Blog.

    In a follow-up to yesterdays coverage on loot boxes, VG247 reports that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will require developers to disclose the odds of paid loot boxes by the end of 2020.
    Activision, Blizzard, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Bungie, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. and Wizards of the Coast have already agreed to these terms and will be willing to meet the 2020 deadline.

    Loot boxes have been a big discussion in the gaming industry, being thrown alongside gambling when compared. This controversy has led Psyonix to announce that they'll be removing blind loot boxes from Rocket League and replacing them with something "that shows the exact items you’re buying in advance,” according to Twinfinite.
    While the replacement system isn't made clear yet, buyers will know the items they'll get before they pay for the new loot boxes.
    This comes after Fortnite removed their blind loot boxes as well.
    What do you think of this development, and what are your thoughts on loot boxes?

    Swedish game development studio Embark Studios is being acquired by Nexon. The company was founded in 2018 by DICE founder Patrick Söderlund.
    This arrangement will lead to Nexon increasing its company stake from 66.1% to 72.8%. They will continue to collect shares over the next five years.The arrangement announced today sees Nexon increasing its stake in the company from 66.1 percent to 72.8 percent, and allows the company to fully acquire any remaining shares over the next five years.
    Embark doesn't appear to have any games at the moment, but they have provided tutorial projects via Medium.
    You can see the whole article here via VentureBeat.

    Popular blog Game From Scratch has uploaded a video giving developers a look at a web-based product for creating sprites called Universal LPC Sprite Sheet Character Generator. Mike describes it as "quick and dirty, but incredibly powerful."
    The program allows you to create a number of sprites in a variety of poses, animations and perspectives. While he admits the UI for the site could use some touching up, this could be a useful resource for developers who either may not be artistically inclined or just looking for a quick way to generate sprites.
    More can be read on this program here, and you can check out the generator here.

    In light of the recent shootings in the United States, Renee Gittins, Executive Director for the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), and Nika Nour, Executive Director for the International Game Developers Association Foundation (IGDAF), have issued a joint statement in reference to President Trump's accusations that video games are a driver of the recent gun violence.
    Learn more from the IGDA.

    For many developers, releasing their games on mobile is the best outlet for them, and Google Play has announced they'll be changing the way the five-star rating system works during August. 
    Google Play will now make reviews of more recent versions of a game carry more weight on the overall score. So if your game did poorly on the beginning but improved over time, the reviews from your old versions won't bog down your overall rating. Many developers tend to delete and republish their product for this very reason, so Google taking this step forward will be huge for some.
    Additionally, they'll be providing app developers with pre-written responses to reviews. They can choose from a list or just forgo it and write their own.
    Google's entire blog post can be seen here.

    Zaha Hadid Architects has designed 950 projects, including the Morpheus Hotel in Macau, China, which ranked in TIME Magazine's world’s 100 greatest places.
    The company has since developed its own VR software to make for immersive experiences and to capture the most realistic view of its projects, ever.
    It reportedly uses the VR technology for as many of its projects as possible, one such example being with the construction of the Danjiang Bridge in Taipei, Taiwan. The opened this particular VR experience to the public at the Global Design Laboratory.
    Helmut Kinzler, Senior Associate at ZHA and Head of the ZHVR Group, Spoke on how clients viewed the Danjiang Bridge experience in VR. 
    The post in its entirety can be found on the Unreal Blog.


    Spine 3.8 Released

    By khawk, in News,

    Spine 3.8, the latest version of the 2D animation tool for games, is now available with a host of new features.
    Highlights include:
    Mesh Tracing: trace an image to generate a mesh for you automatically Polygonal texture packing: Pack images as tightly as possible using mesh attachment vertices to fit more images into each texture atlas page Skin bones and constraints: skins can now have bones and constraints that are only active when the skin is active And more Check out the announcement blog post here for more information.

    SNK, the company responsible for titles like Samurai Shodown, teased the possibility of new hardware on Twitter:
    The tweet claims that this new hardware will be next-gen and also be compatible with the Neo Geo Mini. In this Destructoid article, it's pondered on whether this could be their big return to the console market with a Switch-like product.
    Could there be indie game potential with this newly-teased console?

    From Unreal's blog comes a laundry list of free stuff for developers in the month of August. Here are some of the highlight, as part of their partnership with creators in the Unreal Engine Marketplace:
    Dynamic Combat System - Magic: Made for third-person combat system includes features for zooming and mothing, equipment and inventory, as well as 80 animations!
    Environment Set: An expansive selection of trees, shrubs and other greenery so you can build your own wildland.
    Footsteps Sounds with Blueprint Setup: A set of realistic audio for footsteps, rattles and grunts for characters that have to use two legs to get around. It even includes settings for different types of ground/floors

      Generic NPC Anim Pack: Using mocap, 60 animations were made on this software for NPCs. Features include basic stretches, bow usage, idle animations and even smithing.
      Survivor Vision - Advanced Outline, Fill and Tagging System: A post-processing VFX system that can be used for characters and objects for the sake of visual aid to the player.
      Also included is their list of new items that are permanently free. Those can be seen via their blog post.

    The 2D GameDev Humble Bundle is on sale with a collection of $347 worth of 2D assets for your next game. The sale ends August 14, 2019.
    The bundle includes assets for a variety of 2D games, including character sprites, game backgrounds, tilesets, items, sprite effects, animals, platformers, and more. A few examples include:

    Check out the full list and price tiers on the 2D GameDev Humble Bundle page here.

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