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  • 07/12/18 07:35 PM

    Allegorithmic Releases Realistic Interior Car Material Collection


    • Posted By khawk

    When it comes to creating a vehicle interior, attention to detail is everything. From the stitches to the grain of the leather, from the patterns of the speaker covers to the dashboard displays, it all matters. To help make that process significantly easier, Allegorithmic has released a set of customizable materials covering every component of the interior of a vehicle. Whether a designer is looking to show off the inside of a million-dollar car for prospective buyers or recreate a weathered vehicle with cracked leather seats for a video game, the new interior collection has something for everyone. 

    The latest release consists of 400 materials, offering multiple options for each interior component, including textiles, leathers, metals, woods and plastic for everything from upholstery to dashboard readouts. Since leather is such a common material in car design, Allegorithmic created 12 types of leather skins, each of which can be altered to reflect different colors, thickness and conditions. Once the fabric has been selected, additional options allow for full customization of the upholstery, down to the stitches used and the bulges created through around the seams.

    Materials are also available for dashboards and center consoles ranging from a modern plastic gloss to wood grain. To keep up with the increasingly complex displays favored by modern vehicles, Allegorithmic also introduced a wide range of display options, from manual meters and knobs to digitized screens capable of playing animations and videos that can be dropped directly into the design. Users can create something for today or something that may be seen in the far future all by using drag and drop options.

    To round out the interior, several fabrics like alcantara microfibers can be used to create the rest, including seatbelts, carpeting and the interior roof. Additional touches including speaker covers created to mimic different types of mesh patterns and styles are also available, or you can leave them uncovered. Once the foundation is set, designers can then add finishing touches, including light reflection and shadow, or wear and tear to show what the car may look like after rugged use.

    “We’ve worked with automotive experts and listened to automotive companies to create everything auto designers need, but we wanted to go even further,” said Nicolas Paulhac, Product Manager and Color, Material and Finish Designer at Allegorithmic. “These materials will offer everything you need to create a photorealistic vehicle from the initial prototyping to the final polish, but artists in multiple industries like fashion, consumer goods and architecture should be able to find countless uses for them as well.”

    Today’s release marks the fifth and final release of Allegorithmic’s automotive materials collection. With 700 new materials added to the ever-growing Substance Source library since June 4, designers of all skill levels can quickly and easily find everything they need to recreate a real car for a showroom floor, or design something totally original to populate an existing 3D model, game or video. Allegorithmic is also offering the “Taurillon Leather Medium Worn” and “Laser Cut White Norway Spruce” materials from the interior collection at no cost to Substance Source users, giving them ample opportunities to test the materials.

    Created in 2016, Substance Source has grown into an unmatched repository of ready-to-use materials perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. With over 1,600 materials to choose from, the ability to turn customizable materials into incredible works of art is now even easier.


    Substance Source is included in the subscription price for Substance at no additional cost. Individual and pro plans are also available, running $19.90 and $99 per month, respectively. Both plans include 30 material downloads per month. Enterprise licenses are available on demand.

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