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  • 07/26/17 10:56 PM
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    AMD Introduces Radeon GPU Profiler


    • Posted By khawk

    AMD has announced their new Radeon GPU Profiler.

    From their announcement:


    Effective GPU performance analysis is a more complex proposition for developers today than it ever has been, especially given developments in how you drive the GPU in the last few years. The advent of hardware that can now overlap different workloads concurrently, and the birth and growth of new APIs to drive that kind of processing on the GPU, means that understanding what the GPU is doing in any given time period is very complex and difficult to understand. You need the right way to visualise what’s happening.

    That’s the driving force behind our brand new cross-platform performance analysis tool: Radeon GPU Profiler (RGP). We created it to give developers a way to understand concurrent overlapped execution on Radeon GPUs in a way that’s simple and actionable in terms of further optimisation and what you need to do next.

    They also posted two videos, shared here:



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