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  • 10/03/18 08:02 AM

    Armory Crafter for Unity - Modular weapons editor for developers



    Hello there! I've made a tool for Unity games developers. It's a package of modular handpainted lowpoly weapons and shields in a fantasy style. The package comes with an editor to edit and combine them, and also there is an option for use your own custom models with the editor.

    You can create and export your own weapon, the tool will generate a new prefab with all the source files (so you can move it to any folder in your project or to another Unity game project).

    It was released just a few weeks ago, it's relatively new so I'm looking for (and I would really appreciate) any feedback!

    I'm planning to add more styles of weapons like polearms, staves and bows and also more features like enchanting cool effects.

    Download free version

    Thank you!

    516x389 Out.png 

     axes.png   swords.png

    color.png    shields.png




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