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  • 09/13/17 08:39 PM
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    Blender 2.79 Released


    • Posted By khawk

    Blender 2.79 has been released.


    Features include updates to:

    • Denoise to get rid of render noise while preserving visual detail
    • Filmic Color Management for more photorealistic results and better handling of HDR
    • PBR Shader as a new surface shader node based on the Disney model
    • Faster OpenCL with improved performance and support for subsurface scaterring, volumetrics, and optimized transparent shadows
    • Shadow Catcher to combine CGI elements with real-life footage
    • More Cycles Improvements for improved multithreading performance
    • New Surface Deform modifier and improvements to existing modifiers
    • and more

    Click here to view the full release and download Blender.

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    User Feedback

    The new mesh tools are awesome and finally it has a mirror tools almost like 3DsMax's, it will probably, with time, merge into Blenders's mirror modifier.

    The truly amazing thing about this release is the improvement to the modeling assisting tools, like the display tools; and improvement to rigs. Align to normal is responding much better and the boolean tools are stable.


    I just downloaded it to have something to play with while waiting for 2.8, did not expect it to be such a good release. I really recommend getting this one.

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