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  • 01/07/19 09:27 PM

    Buckshot Interactive Launches FirstShot Games Program


    • Posted By khawk

    Buckshot Interactive has launched the FirstShot Games program to help new game writers create and publish their first short game - for free.

    FirstShot Games is a free program that will help people write their first piece of interactive narrative. Through the program developers will write their game, receive feedback, education, and assistance from a professional game narrative designer/writer, release the game, and put that game up for sale. This program is ideal for writers who want to create something interactive for the first time, a gamedev who wants to try narrative, or both.

    Projects must be story-focused and interactive, take less than a year to make, and should be a gaming experience of no more than two hours, or for book-style experiences, less than 200 pages.

    The program is free. You can learn more about the program and apply with a project through the FirstShot Games Application.


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