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  • 10/02/18 05:54 PM

    Carmack: Build something that at least some people LOVE


    • Posted By khawk

    Yesterday, Oculus CTO John Carmack posted advice to developers inspired by his time at Oculus Connect last week reviewing apps and having hallway conversations. Usually known for his technical advice, in this post Carmack talks more about how many VR games he experiences just don't "have any soul".

    His key point: "Build something that at least some people LOVE."

    Here's an excerpt:


    The difference between something you use and something you love is the details, both engineering and design.

    We have had some borderline-acrimonious discussions internally around “delight” — I argue that applications should be functional first, because delight doesn’t last, and often comes at the expense of efficient function. Games are different, and many can almost be viewed as essentially just a sequence of delightful interactions.

    Watch your players very carefully as they play. The smile, grin, cheer, or even focused look of intensity is your signal to chase. Design inspiration may provide the initial points, but hard work iterating on it is how you hill-climb to the best version.

    Check out the full post here.

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