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  • 02/04/19 03:58 PM

    Charity Dog Jam at Unicorn Pirates Studio


    • Posted By khawk

    Dog Jam! new.png

    Female game studio Unicorn Pirates Studio is organizing a charity game jam to help homeless dogs.

    The European Union estimates that there are currently over 100 million abandoned and stray dogs and cats in the continent. These animals are often sick, underweight, and sadly from homes of abuse. Animal shelters across many countries have been working hard to rescue as many as possible, to find them safe and loving homes.

    One such shelter is the Animal Friends shelter, that has been operating since 2001 in Cakovec, Croatia. They rescue, protect, treat, and then rehome dogs as best as they can, but right now they are facing incredible challenges as they are on the forefront of helping severely abused dogs from rural areas. Through the tip of local inhabitant, over thousand animals in horrible conditions were discovered. These animals are malnourished, abused, chained and exposed to harsh elements.

    Right now, funding is a big issue. There are just too many dogs and shelter is experienced not only lack of resources, but also space for taking in endangered dogs. Getting more funds would allow them not only to treat more dogs but also to place dogs in safe shelters and foster homes.

    Unicorn Pirates Studio is looking for more companies to join the challenge, and to help them use their influence for something good. We are organizing game jam in which we hope to get as many participants as possible, to register for a small fee and help animals in need. All funds will be going directly to the Animal Friends shelter, which is currently struggling with over 800 dogs in an unprecedented animal rights crisis.

    All other donations raised by the Dog Jam will go directly to the rescue operations. This includes medical care, feeding costs, and rehoming efforts. The goal is to raise at least €1000 to save and care for as many dogs as possible. Any help counts, and will mean a world of difference to those that cannot speak for themselves.

    The Dog Jam will take place on the 1st March and will run until the 3rd March, 2019 in the Unicorn Pirates Studio in Etelä-Haaga. We hope to see you there.

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