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  • 07/05/19 04:22 PM

    Community Game Mr. Boom's Firework Factory Receives Positive Review




    Mr. Boom's Firework Factory, slated for release on July 10, just received its first review with Indie Ranger, who gave it a 72/100.

    The game was developed by Brain, a member at GameDev.Net since 2010.  Mr. Boom's Firework Factory was an Indie Prize Finalist at Casual Connect in London back in May.


    "Ultimately, Mr. Boom’s Firework Factory is a fun and casual game that suffers only from a few flaws. Rather than slow and deliberate puzzle-solving, the game has a lot to offer for fans of fast-paced puzzles that reward quick thinking. Players will be tested on their understanding of the game’s mechanics, their timing and patience," said Brandon Lyttle, the reviewer.

    Upon its release, Mr. Boom's Firework Factory will be available on Steam, Itch.io, GameJolt, Green Man Store and Discord. You can read the full review here!


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