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  • 10/08/19 07:07 PM

    Cubic Motion's Persona Now a 70% Smaller Capture and Live Animation Solution


    • Posted By khawk

    Cubic Motion is proud to announce a major hardware update to Persona – the technology behind the world's first high-fidelity digital humans across video games, films, broadcast media, and immersive technologies.

    Known for bringing to life characters such as Siren, Meet Mike and most recently Akali, Persona continually captures and translates an actor's performance onto a computer-generated counterpart. This enables immediate animation in real-time engines such as Epic’s Unreal 4. Persona’s core technology also drives facial animation for the iconic game characters seen in Marvel’s Spiderman, God of War, Anthem and other AAA titles.

    Steve Caulkin, CTO at Cubic Motion, comments: “Persona continually evolves to deliver the world’s best capture and live animation solution. This new release, which makes the hardware even more actor-friendly, is especially significant for immediate broadcast and live events.”

    New features and functionality

    Many of the improvements to Persona are based on customer feedback, gathered since its initial release in April 2019. Persona’s latest update focuses on performer flexibility and ease-of-use. Most significantly, the helmet-mounted camera system (HMC) and on-body animation system are now 70% smaller – going from 2.3kg to 1.25kg. Additional features include:

    • Quick-release on body mounting system for rapid setup and ease of use

    • Smart battery device with 1.5 hours run time on a single battery, or infinite lifetime with hot-swap capability

    • Physical record button for quick, manual capture in emergency situations

    • LED indicators that allow everyone on set to monitor whether the system is idle, recording or streaming to UE4

    • Basic audio recording capability to aid animation quality and allow for quick turn around on set

    Persona’s update will be available from 1st October 2019, paving the way for a new era in digital performance and virtual production. An era where characters, actors and audiences all co-exist and interact. 


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