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  • 06/19/17 03:04 PM
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    Debugging WebGL with SpectorJS Walkthrough


    • Posted By khawk

    The Real-Time Rendering blog has posted a walkthrough detailing how to use SpectorJS to debug your WebGL applications. SpectorJS is described as a complete engine agnostic JavaScript framework for exploring and troubleshooting your WebGL scenes with ease.


    With the emerging number of experiences built using WebGL, and all the improvements made in the WebVR/AR space, it is critical to have efficient debugging tools. Whether you are just starting out or are already an experienced developer of 3D applications with WebGL, you likely know how tools can be important for productivity.

    The article, written by Sebastien Vandenberghe, covers the basics of how to capture a WebGL frame, analyze it, and compare it against other captures.

    Check out the full blog at


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