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  • 10/24/18 04:17 PM

    Defold Game Tutorial Series


    David Chadwick

    As many already know -- Defold is a completely free game engine which provides a fully turn-key solution for game development across iOS, Android, HTML5, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms.  It includes a Visual Editor, Lua Code Editor, Scene Editor, Particle Editor and Tile Editor.  A full suite of integrated tools which supports the full cycle of game creation.

    I'm announcing a new series of tutorials which teaches each of the major capabilities of the Defold Game Engine -- with both introductory tutorials on how to use key Defold features, as well as more advanced tutorials which develop a full game project.   The current tutorials in the series include:

    Introductory Tutorials

    • Kickoff with the Defold Game Engine
    • Defold Image Procedures
    • Select, Drag and Drop of a Defold Game Object
    • Game Object Movement Techniques
    • Preliminary use of 2d Physics and Collisions
    • Convex Shaped Collision Objects
    • Animated GUI Nodes
    • Introduction to Levels, Messages and Menus

    Defold Game Tutorials

    • New Enhanced Defold Game Template
    • Balloon Pop - Defold Game Project Tutorial
    • CoinDrop - Defold Game Project Tutorial
    • IceJump - Defold Game Project Tutorial

    The series is located at the following site:

    I hope you find these tutorials helpful in getting acquainted with the Defold tool.   I'd appreciate any feedback on how I can make this series more productive.  

    One last thought - on the site is a newletter signup -- I'd encourage you to join the mailing list.  I'll be sending out notices as new tutorials are being added.

    All the very best - David C

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