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  • 04/11/19 03:50 PM

    Disruptor Beam Announces "Disruptor Engine" GameDev and LiveOps Platform


    • Posted By khawk

    Mobile game developer Disruptor Beam quietly announced Disruptor Engine - a platform with rich capabilities in Identity, Social, Analytics, Commerce, and Live Operations that enable efficient development and monetization for any mobile game developer.

    Jon Radoff, CEO of Disruptor Beam:


    “Over the past several years Disruptor Beam has made substantial investments in our game platform, which has led to dramatic improvements in our time-to-market and ability to operate games profitably. We are now ready to start turning those investments into solutions for others looking for an advantage in launching and operating mobile games. Claire and Trapper are extraordinarily qualified executives who can spur even more growth at Disruptor Beam by helping us  act upon this opportunity, enabling us to create more games than ever before — both our own titles and those we’ll be creating with our partners.

    Learn more at https://www.disruptorbeam.com.

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