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  • 11/01/18 03:52 PM

    Epic Partnering with Unreal Engine Marketplace Creators for Free Assets


    • Posted By khawk

    Epic is partnering with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators to offer select content to the UE4 community for free. This means developers using Unreal Engine will have access to more resources at no additional cost.

    Epic has announced 18 new pieces of high quality content that will be free to download throughout the month of November, and once you download the content it's free for you to use in your projects. 

    Learn more and view the full list of free assets at the Unreal Engine blog




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    User Feedback

    Hi khawk

    Great content on Ue4, really helped me through my projects
    Me and my team are also interested in Visualizations through Unreal engine 4, we provide assets with photorealistic quality and ready to use features.

    I wonder if you could give us your feedback on how are we doing and you also might grab a few tips here and there. here is our website:

    Best regards
    Sina From Ue4assets

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