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  • 09/07/18 06:29 PM

    Epic's Challenges with Fortnite on Android


    • Posted By khawk

    Epic has posted a blog discussing the challenges they faced with porting Fortnite to Android, discussing various technical details behind the launch from optimizations to malware. From the intro:


    On August 9th we launched the Android Beta of Fortnite on select devices from our partners at Samsung. A few days later, we began issuing invitations to a subset of Android device owners across a variety of handset manufacturers. We’ve learned a lot from the beta with regards to performance, security, device compatibility and providing Fortnite on Android through the Fortnite Installer. Let’s dive into the technical details behind the launch, what we’re working on and where we see Android in the near future.  

    Click here to read the full blog.

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    Epic has always shown interest in improving its security against malwares it is good to know that they are in constant updates in this aspect.

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    When an Android phone is running low on memory, it will try to free up resources by closing applications not in use. However, it turns out that there are a number of poor behaving background applications and services out there that simply restart when the OS closes them. This actually makes the situation worse! Android closed the application to regain memory but it restarts and begins consuming just as much memory as before. Even worse, starting and stopping applications consumes CPU time so not only have we not freed up any memory, we are using a lot of unnecessary CPU resources.

    *Cough* Google play services...

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