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  • 03/08/18 11:29 PM
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    FES - Retro Game Framework is Free until March 13th


    • Posted By Dafu

    FES Retro Game Framework is on a 100% sale on the Unity Asset Store until March 13th!

    FES is a retro pixel game framework, built on top of Unity. It aims to create an ideal, low friction framework for making pixel-perfect retro games from the early 90s era. FES takes advantage of the portability, and the ease of deployment that Unity provides, but does away with the Unity Editor interface in favour of a traditional game loop, and code-only development.


    • Pixel perfect rendering
    • RGB and Indexed color mode, with palette swapping support
    • Primitive shape rendering, lines, rectangles, ellipses, pixels
    • Multi-layered tilemaps with TMX file support
    • Rendering to and from offscreen surfaces with custom sizes
    • Text rendering, with text alignment, overflow settings, and custom pixel font support
    • Clipping
    • Custom shader support
    • Sound and Music APIs
    • Simplified Input handling
    • Optional wide and tall pixel support
    • Post processing and transition effects, such as scanlines, screen wipes, screen shake, fade, pixelate and more
    • Supports an amazing variety of platforms, courtesy of Unity

    A live WebGL demo of FES can be found at: https://pixeltrollgames.itch.io/fes

    FES can be found on the Unity Asset Store here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/102064 


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