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  • 08/20/18 07:13 PM

    Game of Whales Acquires Appstatics


    • Posted By khawk

    Today, Game of Whales announces the acquisition of Appstatics. With the acquisition, the company plans to develop a one-stop shop platform for mobile game developers to improve revenue and retention in mobile games.

    Appstatics is a leading tracking tool that delivers intelligence about mobile performance tactics through App Store rankings. The acquisition of Appstatics will empower Game of Whales with access to real-time global top grossing charts.

    Since Game of Whales’ autonomous AI takes into account various parameters to create retention and monetization algorithms, Appstatics’ real-time data on ranking trends will allow the platform to show even better results for developers and publishers that are already using its AI automation.

    Doron Kagan, Game of Whales CEO says that “the acquisition of Appstatics is fast forwarding us to position Game of Whales as a fully automated A-Z management platform that uses the latest technologies and AI models to deliver superior performance to our clients.”


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