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  • 04/04/18 03:54 PM
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    GameMaker Studio 2.1.4 Available


    • Posted By khawk

    YoYo Games has released the latest version of GameMaker Studio 2.1.4 with localization support for German, French, and Spanish languages. These changes to the GameMaker GUI simplifies the learning experience for non-English speaking developers. The release also includes other new features, fixes, and improvements:


    Several bugs have been fixed, we've also made improvements to the initial start-up sequence, increased performance when working on large projects, and the resource tree now has a visual helper when reordering items. There are also a few new runtime features, such as config support in #macro defines and support for IPv6 in the iOS networking functions. Lastly, lots of runtime fixes, including Steam SDK, many HTML5 fixes, and changes to the behaviour of game_end() on iOS and Android - all of which and more can be read in full here.


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