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  • 06/21/17 01:17 AM
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    GraphicsGale Goes Freeware


    • Posted By khawk

    GraphicsGale recently become free software. The raster graphics editor for spriting, pixel art, and animations supports many graphics formats and allows artists to preview their animations in real time while editing sprites.

    Previously offered for $25 per license, it's not clear on why GraphicsGale has gone freeware, but it's a bonus for artists making sprite-based games!

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    User Feedback

    I had just bought that and Pro Motion a few months back. I like them, but haven't had the time I wanted to learn pixel art so now they are just sitting and patiently waiting on me to get back to them.

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    I'm pretty excited about this. I've been using GIMP for everything 2d graphics related, but for animation it is a "pain in the a$$" even after multiple plugins added for easing work with sprite-sheets.
    Giving it a try right now :) !

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