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  • 05/11/17 04:25 PM
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    How Unreal Engine Helped Snakepass


    • Posted By khawk

    The Unreal Engine blog released a postmortem from Pete Harrap, one of the Technical Directors at Sumo Digital, on their experiences for the multi-platform release of Snake Pass.

    From the blog:

    So, knowing that we intended Snake Pass to slither onto multiple platforms, the core question remained - is cross-platform development with Unreal Engine as simple as ticking the right box and building? Generally speaking, yes, it is. Almost everything is taken care of for you which means that the designers and artists can continue making the game with the confidence that it will work on all targeted platforms. Of course, game development isn’t as easy as checking off specific boxes, so the first time you run your project on a target console you may be in for a surprise.

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