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  • 10/01/19 02:18 AM

    Humble Bundle Game development related Bundles!


    • Posted By Sam-i

    Humble Bundle has two bundles that people that are just starting out with game development could use:
    A Unity Bundle with over 1000+ dollars of amazing stuff for just 15 dollars
    Buying this bundle will support the charity Gameheads via United Roots!

    A Corel Graphics Design Bundle!
    Gravit Designer PRO + Corel Painter (and plugins): Graphic design software. 998 dollars of software for 25 dollars!
    By buying the bundles you will also be supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation and Game Changer!

    Lastly, there is a Python Bundle available!
    867 dollars of Python goodies for 20$.
    By buying the bundle you will be supporting the Python Software Foundation as well as another charity of your choosing. 

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