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  • 05/30/19 11:18 PM

    Immersal Launches AR Cloud SDK at AWE



    Immersal has announced their AR Cloud SDK at AWE 2019 after private testing by 250 developers. The large-space AR SDK allows developers to build apps and games around indoor navigation, AR gaming, AR ads, industrial maintenance AR, retail space AR, and more. In a matter of minutes any large, physical space can be AR-enabled and digital objects can be anchored to it with ease.

    "Immersal is one of the first SDK’s on the market that supports cross-platform markerless 6DOF indoor positioning and tracking, which is a major component for next-generation augmented reality  applications", explains Lex van der Sluijs, Co-founder and CTO, TWNKLS.

    Multiple large-space AR apps has been launched with it, e.g. for the movie theater chain Finnkino, part of Odeon Cinemas Group, owned by AMC. One AR app using the SDK has also been released by flyAR for Caverion, a 2.2 billion euro service company in building systems, construction services, and services for industry. Here’s a video of the Caverion app: 

    “It was important for us to be the first commercial SDK company in the large-space AR”, says Immersal CEO Jufo Peltomaa. "Market shares are being taken right now, even before the headsets. It’s relatively easy to get some kind of a large-space AR demo working, but it’s a completely different effort to produce something commercially viable and working in practice, with real customers - and we have done just that!” smiles Peltomaa.

    Less than a week ago Immersal raised 0.9M€  funding consisting of angel investments, Sisu Game Ventures investment and Kasvumoottori Growth Engine ecosystem funding from Business Finland (the public funding agency for research funding in Finland). Immersal will finalize the round in the following months by raising 0.7M€ more.

    “Markerless, accurate large-space AR is now here to stay and the world will never be the same again! Our endgame is to use the apps’ end users to collect a global, AR-enabling infrastructure, AR Cloud", explains CEO Peltomaa, visibly happy and enthusiastic. “We know that it’s a humongous thing to dream about, but we see no reason why we couldn’t do it”, explains Peltomaa on his way to AWE stage to do the product launch.

    Get the Immersal AR Cloud SDK at immersal.com/try-now/.


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