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Google Seurat Brings Desktop Graphics to Mobile VR

Google Seurat Brings Desktop Graphics to Mobile VR

Google today announced Google Seurat, a new tool that allows high resolution renders to run in realtime, even on mobile VR devices. Google demonstrated the technology through a collaboration with ILMxLAB, which brings cinematic-level of quality from Star Wars to mobile VR.

The video, embedded below, shows Rogue One: A Star Wars Story scenes in high detail.


Seurat works by allowing developers to define a bounded perspective region that a viewer can move around. Using that defined space, Seurat will take a series of snapshots of a fully rendered 3D virtual object and recompile it into a lightweight version that appears as high fidelity as the original. The viewpoint is bound to the defined space, but a high definition scene can be rendered with less computational resources than would otherwise be required.

Google plans to share more on Seurat later this year and how it can be deployed.


May 23 2017 08:31 AM

Isn't this basically the same technique used for Rage on iOS, back in 2011?

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