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Devcom Call for Papers Deadline Extended

Devcom Call for Papers Deadline Extended

Organizers of the all-new game developer platform event devcom have extended the call for papers submission deadline to May 12. devcom opens its doors for the first time from August 20–24, 2017 in Cologne. Industry experts and insiders are invited to submit their as-yet unpublished talks, panels, case studies etc. in the areas of Virtual Reality, Mobile Games, Business and Production, as well as for the following tracks:

• Programming
• Design
• Audio
• Diversity
• Monetization
• eSports

The keynotes, panels and presentations at the devcom developer conference are part of a comprehensive programme of top-level information exchange and matchmaking. This includes:
• devcom Master Classes – two-hour Round Table discussions for up to 40
participants each, focused on marketing, game design and production as
well as sales
• devcom Tutorials – hands-on tutorial sessions, up to four a day, on the latest
technologies, game engines and advertising tools
• devcom Summits – three one-day summits focusing on mobile gaming,
virtual reality and monetization

Organizers encourage developers to submit ideas for any kind of session format across the devcom programme: developer conference, Master Classes, Tutorials, Summits and RESPAWN. Submissions should reach the organizers at www.devcom.global no later than May 12, 2017.

The devcom developer conference will take place on August 20 and 21, 2017 in the Congress Centrum Ost at the Koelnmesse trade fair grounds.
Find out more about devcom at www.devcom.global.


Apr 13 2017 05:57 AM
First time I hear about devcom in Germany, living in Germany. And I'm not delighted or surprised.
Its one of the wrong gateways of Germany-based "Start-Ups": It seems to be more a Monetization, Publishing and "Netzwerken" (networking) Event, than a Showcase what's Made in Germany and Europe inside Research, Application and Development for Gaming, Visual FX and Media. I could travel to nearly Start-Up Events and get "Netzwerken" and Monetization too. With local connections. More self-setters. And cheaper. Will it be a bio-shop, reseller or an IT company?
The next point is all about the price vs. value. Nice to see that students get a cheap card. But for typical hobbyists and developers it is set too high. Is it an Event for students or what is it? It restrains myself to get interested for this maybe good exhibition.
If the devcom wants a real chance to get attention from developers, sessions and papers should be made public after this event. It should represent it as an event for decision-makers, and not home-trailers or advertising surface for entertainment. In Germany and Europe, we could learn to get better if we decide to share our knowlegde free of boundings - within an appropriate framework.
– Patrick
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