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OpenGL, OpenGL ES & Vulkan Tools Survey Results

OpenGL, OpenGL ES & Vulkan Tools Survey Results

The Samsung Developer Ecosystem team recently conducted a survey asking GPU developers which tools they are using on various platforms and across APIs for both desktop and mobile applications, and now the survey results have been posted on the LPGPU blog.

To be fair, the survey has its flaws but is interesting to review. The survey only had 46 respondents, and it isn't clear what types of developers responded to the survey or who was invited to participate. Samsung also appears to be making an argument that developers could optimize better if an industry standard API was provided for GPU counters, but they don't provide data to backup that claim other than some level of dissatisfaction with current tooling.

A couple highlights:

Attached Image: samsungsurvey1.jpg

61% of developers are using Renderdoc as their primary capture and analysis tool on the desktop platform, followed by NVIDIA Nsight at 9.8%

Attached Image: samsungsurvey2.jpg

45.2% of developers are using NVIDIA Nsight as their performance analysis tool, followed by Snapdragon Profiler at 38.1%

Attached Image: samsungsurvey3.jpg

Most developers see potential for optimization bias with vendor-specific tools

Learn more about the survey results by clicking here.


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