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  • 09/06/17 11:02 PM
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    IndieCade Announces Nominees & Game Selections


    • Posted By khawk
    IndieCade – the premiere international festival of independent games – has announced the nominees and official game selections for its 10th anniversary festival, hosted October 6-8, 2017 at the Japanese American National Museum in the Little Tokyo District of Downtown Los Angeles.
    “Our commitment to cultivating diverse and innovative games across all mediums has helped thousands of indie game developers gain visibility throughout the past decade,” said Stephanie Barish, Chief Executive Officer of IndieCade. “This year, as we celebrate our milestone 10th anniversary festival, we truly honor the talented individuals around the world who continue to create the most unique and artistic independent games. From thought-provoking titles that explore real world issues, to live action RPGs that bring people together in communal experiences, this year’s selections reflect the strength and ingenuity of the community, and we’re proud to showcase top emerging talent.”
    An international jury comprised of past IndieCade finalists, indie and mainstream game developers, artists, researchers, academics, curators, game writers and journalists selected the IndieCade 2017 nominees and exhibiting games. This year’s selections feature a diverse array of titles available for play on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream and PlayStation, as well as virtual and augmented reality installations, tabletop games, performance art, sports, card games and live action role-playing. The initial list of festival nominees and game selections is below, with titles created by developers across North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia:
    _transfer by: Abyssal Uncreations
    A Normal Lost Phone by: Accidental Queens
    Anamorphine by: Artifact 5
    Angels with Scaly Wings by: Radical Phi
    Art Deck by: Matheson Marcault
    AT SUNDOWN by: Mild Beast Games
    Atchafalaya Arcade by: Tammy Duplantis
    BIT RAT by: bucket drum games
    Bleep Space by: Andy Wallace & Dan Friel
    Breakup Squad by: Catt Small, Chris Algoo, Ethan Gooding, Hillmon Ancrum
    Broken Reality by: Dynamic Media Triad
    Bury me, my Love by: The Pixel Hunt and Figs
    Busy Work by: Mouse & the Billionaire
    But Not Tonight by: Clio Yun-su Davis
    Cardamom by: Cardamom Team
    Cat Sorter VR by: Pawmigo Games
    Code 7 by: Goodwolf Studio
    Collective Action! by: Sara Fowler, Ben Moren & Tyler Stefanich
    Complicated Board Game the Card Game by: offcut games
    Cosmic Top Secret by: klassefilm
    Court of Appeals by: Alex Handy
    Cribbage with Grandpas by: Less Than Three Interactive
    Dark Train by: Paperash Studio
    Desert Child by: Oscar Brittain
    Detective Bullshit by: Tasty Penguin
    Detention by: Red Candle Games
    Dialogue-3D by: Ramsey Nasser
    Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator by: Game Grumps Games
    Eli by: Jerome Games
    Emotional Fugitive Detector by: Sam Von Ehren, Alexander King & Noca Wu
    Everything is Going to Be OK by: Nathalie Lawhead
    EXO ONE by: Jay Weston & Rhys Lindsay
    Fear Sphere by: HNRY
    Feast by: Sharang Biswas & Sweta Mohapatra
    FEED by: Fish Elders
    Fortune-500 by: AP Thomson
    Four Horsemen by: Nuclear Fishin' Software
    Frog Fractions 2 by: Twinbeard and Mostly Tigerproof
    Future Unfolding by: Spaces of Play
    Ghosts of Miami by: Pillow Fight
    GLARP by: Martzi Campos & Patrick Quah
    GNOG by: KO_OP
    Go! GO! Gattai! by: Game Yay Fun!
    Hackers of Resistance by: The Hackers of Resistance
    Hacktag by: Piece of Cake Studios
    Handväska! by: Jane Friedhoff + Ramsey Nasser
    Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Book I & II by: Wispfire
    I Ching Fortunetelling by: Xuan Studio, Wuhan University of Technology
    InnerSpace by: PolyKnight Games
    Ishmael by: Jordan Magnuson
    Keyboard Sports by: Triband
    Killer Snails: Assassins of the Sea by: Killer Snails LLC in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History & Playmatics, and with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation
    Kim by: The Secret Games Company
    Kimmy by: Star Maid Games
    Ladykiller in a Bind by: Love Conquers All Games
    Legal Dungeon by: Somi
    Life Judge vol. 1 by: The Life Judgers
    Luna by: Funomena
    Magia Transformo: The Dance of Transformation by: The Transformative Play Lab at UC Irvine
    Measure 4 Measure 4 Play by: Stories & Makebelieve
    Mendel by: Owen Bell
    Mind Field by: Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University
    Objectif by: a.m. darke
    Objects in Space by: Flat Earth Games
    Oblige by: Jocelyn Kim & Ivan Tsang
    Oikospiel Book I by: David Kanaga
    OneShot by: Little Cat Feet
    Party Golf by: Giant Margarita
    Penny Blue Finds a Clue by DigiPen Team Cactus Curse
    Pounded In The Butt By The Handsome Living Video Game Manifestation of the Life and Works of Dr. Chuck Tingle by: Zoe Quinn and The Tinglers
    Rhythm Doctor by: 7th Beat Games
    Room at the Top by: Miranda Banks, Sam Liberty & Jess Weaver
    Rosenstrasse by: Moyra Turkington & Jessica Hammer
    Roto Color Rhythm (with peripherals) by: Blue Volcano Studio
    Santiago by: Team Santiago
    SceneSampler by: Social Emotional Technology Lab @ UC Santa Cruz
    Secret Histories by: Floor Is Lava
    Sign: A Game About Being Understood by: Thorny Games
    Someone Has Died by: Gather Round Games
    Somewhere in the South by: Wonderneer
    SLAP FRIENDS by: Terence Tolman, John Ceceri, Sam Suite & Sam Bonfante
    SPY VS SPY VS SPY VS SPY by: Alpha Code Inc. (ex UEISOLUTIONS Inc.)
    Starcats by: Forever Young Games LLC
    Stolen Hearts by: Alex Colby
    Story Master by: Brent Garcia, Mo Belden, Christian Laboy, Board2Death Games LLC
    Susurrus: Season of Tides by: Evil Overlord Games
    Swords by: Ian Hinck & Jeff Delgado
    That Blooming Feeling by: Tots Team
    The Black Widow by: Flux
    The Incredible Playable Show by: Alistair Aitcheson
    The Norwood Suite by: Greg 'Cosmo D' Heffernan
    The Sexy Brutale by: Cavalier Game Studios
    The Tessera by: Brigham Young University, University of Maryland & Tinder Transmedia
    The Visitor by: Tiltfactor
    There Might Be Ponds by: Sundae Month
    Tracking Ida by: Tracking Ida Team
    Un-Destined by: Zinno Studio
    Vampire: The Masquerade - We eat Blood and all our Friends are Dead by: White Wolf Entertainment & Fula Fisken
    Vignettes by: Skeleton Business
    Virtual Virtual Reality by: Tender Claws
    What Isn't Saved (will be lost) by: Cat Manning
    What's My Headline? by: Mike Minadeo, John Greg Gomez & J.J. White
    Where the Water Tastes Like Wine by: Dim Bulb Games
    Wisp In the Vale by: P.D. Warne
    Witchball by: S.L.Clark
    Additional game selections will be announced in the coming weeks; more details about each of these titles are available here: http://www.indiecade.com/2017/games.

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