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  • 08/08/19 03:36 PM

    List of over 500 open source games with technical infos



    Hi, I collected technical infos about more than 500 open source games and put them in a Github repository (game entries in text format). A dynamic HTML table of the entries is created from the data. It allows searching and sorting. For all the games there is a link to the homepage, where to obtain the sources and other technical infos. I plan to add more games to the list and fill in more infos, but that will take a while. Suggestions for additions are always welcome. A statistics page about the entries is automatically created, revealing for example popular combinations like C++ and SDL2. I also converted some CVS, SVN repositories to Git of old, inactive game projects and put them on Gitlab.com/osgames.

    I hope you might find the list useful.

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