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  • 09/13/19 06:28 PM

    Lumberyard 1.21 Beta Now Available With PhysX 4.1



    Lumberyard Beta 1.21 was released on September 12 and comes with a bunch of new improvements. According to their post, this version of Lumberyard was made thanks to collaborating and receiving input from game developers "in the thick of their development cycle."

    Here are some of the new features in 1.21:



    We continue to add new features and make workflow improvements to Script Canvas visual scripting to save you time. In this release, Script Canvas gets greater flexibility working with dynamic types, new comment and group presets so you can define color code comments and groups, and the ability to disable nodes so you can test different graph structures more quickly. We’ve also added three new nodes for increased functionality: Repeater, Switch, and Ordered Sequencer.

    The EMotion FX Animation Editor can now dynamically simulate physically-based secondary animation for your actors. This lightweight solver provides realistic looking motion for items like backpacks, holsters, and even long hair, as your actor moves. Using the Simulated Objects node, you can adjust an objects stiffness, gravity factor, colliders, and more.


    Additionally, Lumberyard Beta 1.21 now uses NVIDIA’s PhysX 4.1. The full release notes can be seen here.


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