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  • 06/18/19 03:33 PM

    Lumberyard Beta 1.19 Available


    • Posted By khawk

    Lumberyard Beta 1.19 is now available for download. Check out the Release Notes for information on the 150+ new features, improvements, and fixes that can be downloaded from https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/downloads/.

    Some highlights include:

    • New Dynamic Vegetation System. Procedurally generate a diverse and detailed biome in minutes instead of manually placing and painting in vegetation. Lumberyard’s new vegetation components support a wide range of artistic expressions and fine-grained control over the scale, density, and distribution in your biomes. You can also improve runtime performance by configuring segments of vegetation to be placed or removed at runtime based on player location and gameplay events.
    • Major updates to Script Canvas. Create even more dynamic behaviors and gameplay without having to code or rely on expert engineers. Updates to Script Canvas introduce support for containers such as arrays and maps, new Script Events that enable you to send events between graphs and scripts, and new graph validation and debugger features so you can find, diagnose, and fix invalid graphs more quickly.
    • Other highlights include optimizations to the Starter Game sample project so it is performant on mobile devices, and new Cloud Canvas features that help you prepare Cloud Gem-powered online services for production.

    Read the Amazon GameTech Blog for more information.

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