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  • 07/31/19 04:26 PM

    Luna Labs Launches to Offer Tools to Create Playable Ads from Unity


    • Posted By khawk

    Luna Labs, a game technology company dedicated to enabling studios with tools to create high-quality HTML5 content from their games, has officially launched its services. The Luna toolkit, which is the first technology of its kind, allows developers building in Unity to streamline the development process, and easily create lightweight experiences for HTML5 game platforms and the next generation of playable ad creation. 

    “Luna was born in a gaming studio, where we saw first hand that there was an increasing need for HTML5 content, but inefficiencies in the processes used to create it,” said Steven Chard, CEO and co-founder of Luna Labs. “This gap is especially prominent in the playable ad market,  where the work is often outsourced. This takes time, and ultimately results in creatives that don’t look or feel like the game and are misleading for the user. We believe we can solve both of these problems by focusing on a toolchain which allows the creation of these ads directly from the game. Luna is here to lead a step-change in playable ad quality, and unlock the true potential of the format.” 

    Luna addresses the prevalent need for game developers to efficiently and accurately create mobile advertising that reflects actual gameplay. Mobile games advertising is currently a $100B market, and playable ads are the natural successor to rewarded video which has dominated ad spend in recent years. The Luna toolkit has been available to select partners in the last year, among them Kwalee and Voodoo. 

    “Luna is solving a real pain point for our studio, and the initial results have been tremendous. Integrating the Luna service has allowed us to significantly scale our campaigns by a comfortable margin, to the best results so far,” said Jason Falcus, CRO, Kwalee. “We’re very proud to be showing new users a truly accurate representation of the game before they download it,” 

    Voodoo, the leading mobile games publisher with more than 1.5 billion yearly downloads, publishes a third of Top 10 games in the App Store. 

    “When we first heard about the Luna technology we thought there must be a catch,” said Thibault LeDuc, Head of User Acquisition and Monetisation, Voodoo. “Their team and technology has consistently wowed us and we’ve now embedded Luna into our concept testing and playable ad production. Luna makes it simple to produce lightweight high fidelity ads straight from the source.”

    Key investors in Luna include Ben Holmes, formerly of Index Ventures and early investor in social mobile game giants King and Playfish, and Chris Lee, who has backed prominent game makers Space Ape and Hello Games.                     

    To learn more about Luna, please visit https://lunalabs.uk

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