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  • 12/12/17 06:14 PM

    ManaKeep: the Website Builder for Indie Games


    • Posted By Nazgum

    ManaKeep is the first website builder made specifically for indie game developers.  Designed to take the hard work out of creating an official game site, the service includes game focused templates, forums, media galleries, news, custom pages and most other features a typical indie game needs.

    ManaKeep can act as your store front to sell games as well.  Create products you want to sell (versions of your game), upload your game files, set your price and you can be selling in minutes.  With support for multiple currencies and the option to bundle Steam Keys, ManaKeep can be a great distribution channel for your game (bonus points: ManaKeep charges no transaction fees!)

    A few features not mentioned above:

    • Stats Dashboard: track stats important to your game, including sales, downloads and order stats.
    • Easy Parallax: popular on AAA game sites, add parallax to your backgrounds with a simple toggle.
    • Scroll Animations: animate elements (such as text and photos) as they are scrolled in to view.
    • Social Integrations: automatically post your news articles to twitter
    • HTML, CSS & JS: can all be used if you love to tinker and do it all yourself
    • Custom Domain Names: supports using your own domain name
    • Free SSL Certs: all sites get a free ssl cert and are served over https

    For indie developers considering WordPress or SquareSpace, ManaKeep is worth a look and may be exactly what you need.  Learn more at


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