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  • 03/24/17 03:25 PM
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    Mobile VR with Leap Motion and Qualcomm


    • Posted By khawk

    Qualcomm Developer Network has posted a guest blog from Martin Schubert, who is a VR Designer, Developer, and Evangelist at Leap Motion. In the blog post, Martin describes the possibilities of hand tracking technology, mobile VR, and how Leap Motion is building technology to enable natural interactions with your hands as the controller.


    Until now, the quality of mobile VR experiences has been lacking due to two big limitations: they only have rotational tracking (so you can only look around, not move around) and input is limited to gaze, touchpad, or more recently 3 degrees-of-freedom (3DoF) remotes. The lack of positional tracking for headsets and inputs is a serious problem for immersion and interaction alike. It can feel like being trapped in the center of a spherical movie, unable to move freely to explore these new 3D worlds or directly interact with virtual objects.

    Click here to read more.

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