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  • 09/27/18 02:31 PM

    Monetizr SDK: Game Reward Engine for mobile and PC games





    Starting From today everyone can sign up to Monetizr beta test for cloud computing SDK:  HERE

    The key objective of Monetizr is to monetize games and drive revenue for game developers. Games use only a fraction of device processing power. Unused processing power on those devices has a huge potential for decentralized cloud computing and decentralized cloud storage. Monetizr’s cloud computing SDK enables gamers to opt-in and mine cryptocurrencies while playing the game without any changes to game or device performance.

    Gamers recieve profits from mining in form of cryptocurrencies and merchandise. For game developers this opens a new revenue stream, increases gamer engagement and time spent gaming.

    Monetizr is already working with 30 game studios to reward gamers with real unlockable game products, such as, t-shirts, hats and stickers with game designs, brand items (like Nike shoes or Amazon gift cards) and even cryptocurrencies.

    This Drives gamer engagement and revenue metrics while improving the gaming experience.


    The best thing for game studios - Monetizr is not asking money for product integration. Cooperation model is profit-sharing from transactions.

    Check out our case studies: CASE STUDIES


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