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  • 09/21/18 12:01 PM

    New Music Asset Has Been Released




    Recently I`ve released new orchestral music asset for FREE on my website. I made this song as main theme for kind of fantasy games.

    Of course it`s completely optimized for looping and you can also use this for any other scenes.Check it out!


    Terms of Use

    • All assets are free of charge, but all copyrights vest with "YouFulca". 
    • The assets cannot be repackaged on a CD or in data form for resale or distribution. You are of course welcome to store them on a CD, iPod, or other media for your own personal use.
    •  Assets can be freely edited to suit your needs. 
    • You can also cut and loop pieces from a song or add effects to a voice asset to make it sound like a different person.
    • Almost all audio assets on this website can be used with any game development tools.



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