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  • 09/14/17 07:31 PM
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    Now’s the time to submit your talks for the GDC 2018 AI Summit!



    The GDC 2018 AI Summit is currently welcoming submissions on AI-related topics such as:

    • Postmortems of the AI in recently released (or soon to be released) games – especially with a focus of “challenges faced… and overcome!”
    • Advancements and improvements in AI architectures (e.g. behavior trees, planners, utility systems, MCTS, etc.)
    • New architectures and approaches for AI-related problems (e.g. data-driven, modular systems, etc.)
    • AI authoring tools
    • Improvements in navigation and avoidance algorithms
    • Animation control through AI systems
    • Multi-agent coordination in tactical, strategic, or social situations
    • Use of AI for content generation in games
    • Use of AI for gameplay management, pacing, etc.
    • Non-traditional uses of AI in game development applications (e.g. tools, debugging, etc.)
    • AI for narrative generation and chatbots
    • AI in VR, mixed reality, and AR
    • Experimental AI designs

    Learn more at http://www.gdconf.com/news/nows-time-submit-talks-gdc-2018-ai-summit/.

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