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  • 04/18/19 07:22 PM

    NVIDIA Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination GDC Talk Available


    • Posted By khawk

    Morgan McGuire's talk on Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination is now available for free in the GDC Vault.

    The highly rated talk "discusses show how to combine glossy reflection ray tracing with diffuse ray-traced irradiance field probes to create a complete dynamic global illumination solution that scales across all DXR GPUs and minimizes light leaking without requiring manual per-probe or lightmap work by artists. The key breakthroughs are a fast way of ray tracing and updating irradiance instead of denoising individual samples or convolving radiance probes, and a new moment-based depth scheme for preventing light and shadow from leaking through walls."

    Learn more about DDGI here, and click here to check out the talk.

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