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  • 07/11/19 04:05 PM

    NVIDIA Rolls Out MLPerf v0.6, Boosts AI Performance



    NVIDIA has brought out MLPerf v0.6, which, among other updates, boosts the performance of their AI. You can see a snippet of the blog post below, and read the entire post here.


    In just seven months since MLPerf debuted with version 0.5, NVIDIA has advanced per-epoch performance on MLPerf v0.6 workloads by as much as 5.1x overall. Up to 1.75x of that benefit derived from continuous software optimizations. An epoch is one complete run of passing the data set through the neural network. It’s important to consider per-epoch performance improvements, since the number of epochs needed to converge networks and required accuracy levels can change  with each successive version of the network. Most importantly, much of the work done on MLPerf is integrated into our framework containers available from NGC, NVIDIA’s GPU-optimized software hub. The AI community can thus realize the benefits of these optimizations in their real-world applications, not just better benchmark scores.



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